I have a problem with a customer?

this customer, who lives down the street from me, comes into the store all the time and lately he's been trying to grab me. i've tried telling my bosses before about problems like this, but they just ignore it. i've told him to stop, but yesterday i finally got mad and told him to "stop playin." he laughed at me on the way out the door, and i told him "you heard what i said." he told me "to watch my mouth." now, how the f*ck am i in the wrong, when he's the one grabbing on me? is there anyway i can get him to take me seriously without calling the cops? i will if i have to, but i'm trying to not take it that far yet because he's a regular.


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  • That doesn't bode well, in my opinion. He doesn't respect your personal space. He doesn't take you seriously when you say no (lacking empathy and unable to read the uncomfortable-ness of another person). He's touching you in a sexual manner? Your bosses are negligent and complicit by virtue of the fact that they won't help you. Is there the hierarchy and structure in place to make a formal complaint? Your bosses haven't helped you, so can you go higher?

    It depends how threatened you really feel. But I wouldn't rule out contacting the police, if he's harassing you. I'd take something like that very seriously if you were my partner, girlfriend, relative, friend, what have you. I'd rather it be nipped in the bud rather than giving the message that it's okay to escalate.

    And yes, you have every right to be angry. If someone touched me inappropriately, I felt threatened and invaded, and wouldn't stop when I told them no; I'd be well within my rights to protect my personal space physically, and if necessary thump them, as far as I'm concerned.

    • i have complained to my bosses before when their customers "stalked my house." meaning that they showed up, out of nowhere, and tried to get sex from me without me ever telling them where i lived. they wouldn't do anything about it then, and they act like it's not their problem, which is total bullsh*t. but no, there is no one else to complain to and i'm getting sick and tired of their customers harassing me. the problem with this guy, however, is that he lives by me. i have to walk by his house to get to work, and i have to walk by his house at night when i get off. so yeah, i guess i might have to call the cops. i hate my customers.

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    • Definitely think you should get out, if you can. One should never ignore when life gives you the opportunity of a warning :) Your safety comes above any other concern. Or at least, that's as I say, how I'd view any female relative, friend, even colleague. Your bosses have acted immorally, in my opinion.

    • i appreciate that, and i appreciate your help. i'm really sick of this.

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  • You get your cell phone camera ready, and next time he tries to grab you, record it. Tell him that you recorded, and if he does it again you're filing charges. If he does it again, go to the police. He has no right to touch you in any way or form, and I think it's despicable behavior.

  • Tell the bosses you are willing to call the cops


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