My mum's boyfriend said he wishes I was older?

I feel sorry for him. My mother is an alcoholic and she's always getting drunk and going back with her ex.
He knows that I'm loyal to my boyfriends, and that I don't act aggressive when I'm drunk I act happy.
I was feeling bad about myself and he told me that I'm really pretty and if he was around my age he'd definitely take me out and treat me right, after an argument with my mum he even said he wishes me and her had each others personalities. He also hesitantly said he wishes I was older.
Of course I don't see him like that, he's 48 and I'm 18. I just feel bad for him because my mum puts him through a lot of shit and I don't know how to help.


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  • You should give him a go age difference is not a big deal. Just a bit of sex so he doesn't go elsewhere. My girlfriend and her daughter has lived with us for years and has always been a sweet girl. Recently my step daughter has started to grow into a beautiful young woman this summer and we had to take her shopping three times because she kept growing out of her bikinis and bras. My girlfriend been going through the change and acting crazy and our sex life hasn't existed for nearly a year. So I have started something up with my sweet step daughter because she noticed how I was looking at her.

    • Hey if I were to call the police to report pedophilia in your area what would you say your adress is?

    • @BellePepper she's sixteen and legal.

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  • It's best for you to just save up some money and get yourself out of this situation. Honestly the drinking needs to stop. And it doesn't help that your mom is actually doing all of this destructive behavior. But now you have her boyfriend to deal with. However he's looking at you as if he can date your instead. And I suggest you back out of this, and not get too personal with this. You don't really need an extra headache. And your mom is not helping at all. I know it isn't easy. But something has to be done about this, before it gets out of control.


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  • Red flags
    Red flags
    Rad flags

    The dude wants to fuck your mom and you both. This can't turn out good. It's nothing but a big mess.

    • The day I'd start anything sexual with this man is the day hell freezes over. I never would. It actually makes me feel a little uncomfortable when he says I look like a model and that he wishes I was older etc. But I know he wouldn't hurt me. I just don't know what to do, because I can't see him getting out of her life anytime soon.

    • Well, try making it clear to him. Maybe throw some guilt at him. If he says something again maybe say something like, "[name] you are with my mother not her 18 year old daughter." Emphasize 18 years old.

      Then walk away. He'll know he went too far. If he has any sense he'll feel guilty about it. Be prepared for him to make excuses that you are misreading things. I don't think you are misreading anything. He's making you uncomfortable and it needs to stop.

  • Don't help, sounds like a shitty thing to do but just don't.


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  • Oh my god. You tell your mom and stop encouraging conversations like this. I know that other countries have Maury and Jerry Springer so you know how to not act like you belong on those shows.

    • Did you not read my question? My mother isn't a responsible adult who I can tell serious matters to. She'd just blame both me and him, don't make a mockery of my situation.

    • So your mother doesn't deserve to know someone she's in a relationship with has a roving eye that happens to land on her own *daughter*?

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