Did I ask for what she did wearing a too small undershirt?

my sisters friend was at the house this morning i was wearing a too small undershirt with jeans she grabbed my shirt and puled me close to her she rubed my stomach and said i was cute i told my sister she slaped my face for lying mom dont believe me either said I was looking for attention. is it my fault did i do something wrong? am I making a big deal out of nothing? I feel like I am bad.


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  • It's not your fault. It's the girl who approached you this way. Have you felt uncomfortable? Next time try to avoid her or explain this to your mom so she understands what you feel about this. I know we live in a society where we think it's all guys fault and girls do nothing wrong when it comes to them. But if she continues like that it could become serious, especially if she touches you in a bad way against your will.

  • ohh shit well that escalated real quick. you didn't do anything wrong but you have to tell your mum its not fair she doesn't believe you. you're her son, she should. also why the fuck would u tell your mum this. like seriously. it's better if they don't know. also you're not a bad person, unless you did make it up, then...

    • why would i tell my mom? you serious and no i didn't make it up

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    • Older guys touch you? And no I don't like her she and my sister are meanto me. She could mess my life up. You on her side?

    • no ewww not older guys. thats gross. no guys in my own year that are the same age as me. no eww I'm not on her side ( she's 18 and she's touching a 13 yr old, thats fucked up) i'm just saying if you like/love her stay away from her because you'll ruin her life, if like police/teachers find out. yeah but ypu can always tell her to stop, yknow like she'll probably listen

  • You aren't in the wrong
    Tell your family the whole story

    • I told them they don't believe me.

    • Then let them
      Say you don't care if they believe you or not
      Pm for support if they kick you out or anything
      I'm here

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  • You did nothing wrong. If you keep feeling bad for stuff like that you'll have a very suppressed sexuality which is bad.