Fill in the missing words from these famous movies?

(insert word)... I am your father - star wars

mirror (insert word) on the wall, who is the fairest of them all - snow white

life (insert word) like a box of chocolates. - forest gump

we all know these movies... many of us grew up with them but what if i told you these famous movie quotes were wrong?

Have you heard of the mandela effect? at least watch the first few minutes of the following video because prior to this i would have bet my life the starwars line was "luke... I am your father"
how many of you also suffer from this so called mandela effect?

Im not saying its something paranormal, but there is something interesting psychologically happening.


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  • Nah. It's just misremembeting because someone somewhere along the way misquoted it and that misquote took on a life of its own.

    • millions of people remembering it wrong? starwars was just an example, but it happens all the time in all forms of entertainment and history.

      Im not saying its something paranormal, but there is something interesting psychologically happening.

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    • Was just teasing ya a bit because you wrote misremembeting..

    • @jman46241 I get it. Lol.

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  • Play it again, Sam was also never said in Casablanca. There are reasons for the misquotes. Each different, but I don't feel like explaining them. Anyways, the Mandela effect is simply the result that memories aren't that reliable. We don't remember things like a camera. You can manipulate your own memories and even someone else's memories, which are false memories. Hell, you can have memories where you, the individual, were never at or remember something you never said. I'm not a psychologist and never formally studied psychology, but I know a thing or 2. As for some of those examples, like the Forrest Gump quote, people adopted the expression out of context of the movie, so the mass population remembers it in the present for as "is" than "was"

    • so what do think the reason is for the actor who played darth vader getting the words wrong, in multiple interviews? would he really forget and misquote such an iconic line so many times with no one picking him up for it?

      It all just seems really odd :p

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    • yeah, of course i did. i just find it hard to believe that the actor who actually read the script, rehearsed it and has done countless interviews about it keeps getting it wrong... with no one correcting him.

      I just dont think the answer is as simple as a false/manipulated memory. Especially when that line is probably his most famous.

    • I can give you an answer, but I don't know enough to articulate it

      Also, your memories aren't snapshots. Your memories are recreations. It's not like a photograph or a recording. A memory is like a play where your brain has to recreate the memory. You can not think its not as simple as simply false memories if you want, but it's the most logical and realistic answer

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  • Can u briefly explain jt

    • yeah... there are a large number of people out there who remember very famous events completely different to how they actually happened.

      The easiest example is starwars. everyone i know, and millions if not billions of others around the world remember the plot twist as "luke... i am your father". before today, i would even bet my life on it.

      It turns out however the actual line is "I am your father"... even the actor quotes his line as "luke... i am your father"

      its not just limited to film etc... there are people who swear blind that they have been to countries that dont exist, and not just the odd person... thousands of them.

      There are loads of theories as to why people have these false memories, but none have been proven. I dont think its anything supernatural or a conspiracy theory, but there is clearly some psychological effect that makes people have false memories.

      Whats really interesting is that this phenomena effects a very large proportion of the worlds population.

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  • First one is wrong.. Mirror and Life.

    • Dammit, I meant "is" on the last.. Were you expecting the "Momma always said" and "You never know what you're going to get" part? Vader only says I'm your father.. Not sure/care about Snow White.

    • thats the point... millions of people remember the star wars line as "luke... i am your father"

      im one of them, my brothers and parents included. The fact that its not that at all is pretty odd to say the least.

      its such an iconic line, how are millions of people remembering it wrong? Im not saying its anything paranormal or spooky, but there is something interesting psychologically going on.

    • The crazy thing is that it's the same when we talk to each other.. Get 10 people together and tell the first a phrase to say to the next and so on. The last one will tell you something completely different lol

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