Is this wrong or not? Should she be helping?

So everyday I clean the house while my mom works or sleeps. My brother never cleans the house he works and the same goes for my brother's girlfriend. She doesn't really do anything anyways. They all just work. My mom makes me cook dinner everyday and do chores every single day. I don't mind cause I'm unemployed and plus I like cooking. It just annoys me when she orders me around and just me cause I never see her doing that to my younger sister.

Like right now my mom gave me a list of chores to do and I told her "Why is it always me? Why don't you tell someone else?" And she's like cause you don't work. My sister doesn't do much either. She just goes to a community college 2 days a week for 4 hours and all the other times she gets things handed to her. She gets cooked for and never cleans. In her free time she hangs out in her room all day on her phone or either goes out with her friend to go pokemon hunting or to the gym. I never once saw her cleaning or cooking & my mom has never once told her to clean. It's always me cleaning and cooking in the house. Plus my mom and my brother give her money sometimes and they baby her. I don't get money at all for my chores. I haven't been paid once at all. I'm the black sheep of the family. I don't care about cooking or cleaning cause I'm a naturally caring nurturing type of person. I just want to know if it's wrong that she doesn't help me or do anything at all or if that's a good excuse not to help around the house? Do you think I should be getting paid? Are they taking advantage of me? Do you think my sister should be helping? Is going to college 2 days a week really that stressful for 4 hours? Or do you think this is normal for me to do since I'm unemployed?

  • Yes. It's wrong. She should help you. That's not an excuse
  • They should pay you.
  • No it's normal you should do it for free
  • They are taking advantage of you
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  • There will always be a prince or princess of the family. My mom lets my youngest sister get away with everything.

    • True and that sounds annoying. It sucks D:

    • @Asker It is. She gets away with stuff I wouldn't dare to do at her age.

    • That happens to me too. She's my bro's favorite. My other sister is my mom's fav so I'm like in the middle. It sucks. I don't get it at all.

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