How do I appear more confident?

A lot of girls say confidence is really attractive. A few years ago, I had no confidence due to bullying, but now I've built up my confidence and definitely feel confident. How do I give off a confident image without coming off as cocky?



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  • Confidence is hella attractive but i'm low key not confident either so I feel you :')
    Confidence takes a lot of work but there's a difference between being a cocky asshole and being confident. Don't overdue it by bragging or looking in the mirror a lot or speaking really highly of yourself, to have confidence you have to be comfortable in your own skin, you have to be outgoing and social, you can't be afraid to face challenges and to take advantage of opportunities, make the big steps like asking a girl out and stuff like that.

    • How can I give off a confident image though? I don't think people will be able to tell how comfortable I am in my own skin

    • Oh, they'll be able to tell, but if you're trying to be confident for other people you can never really be confident, confident people aren't set on what others think about them, and if you're not doing it for yourself, i'm afraid you'll only be imitating it.

    • Lmao such a long time ago
      how goes it :')

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  • Confidence comes from positive results. In essence women have a system where those who do well continue to move up and those who do not continue to get pushed down. No different in real world where the rich gets richer and poor get poorer.

    In essence confidence cannot be faked. It comes from having positive results in something and in dating that means getting a yes from a girl rather than a no more often than not.

    So hit the gym, get a nice hair cut, get nice clothes to boost your chance of getting a YES. Being confident without boosting your physical attribute will not change your current situation.

    • AMEN... any woman who claims confidence without looks is sexy is lying to you.

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    • no, i'm saying that if you're unattractive... then all the confidence in the world won't be sexy to women

    • @JustWorthlessMe my bad, meant to ask the opinion owner

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  • Dress with confidence such as jeans and button up shirts, some nice shoes to match. Smile and be positive around others.

    • What do you mean dress with confidence?

    • I mean put some effort into your appearance such as nice causal as opposed to beach shirts or capris and a graphic tee.

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  • Just do what you do very well.