If you eliminate technology, art, books, music, distractions of any type you will come to realize how large of an amount of time you spend alone?

So many things carry human personification but are really just plain, lifeless, inanimate objects. Your phone might delude you into thinking you're in contact with people, but its a glass square. You have trouble falling asleep at night so you turn on the tv because the comfort of the voices helps to pacify your fears. You take solace in familiarity but still your entirely alone. Hours dissipate in these distractions. Its kinda fucking scary.

  • Its scary
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  • nah bro, you're crazy
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  • what r you, some kinda psycho?
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  • Its REALLY disturbing actually
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  • totally normal
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  • i feel this way with people sometimes aswell
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  • It's okay dude, just about every human being has faced what you describe here, like me. Totally normal is my vote.


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  • I already realise that most days I never even leave the house and speak to anyone. But technology helps me pass the time


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  • I'm not alone, I live with people. I don't know what kind of isolation you face.

    • i see alotta people throughout the week. but the amount of time you avtually spend with them. where your actually interacting with them. not just in the same room. i mean direct interaction. its just a really small portion of time compared to the rest.

    • I spend 80% of my day surrounded by people.

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  • Put down the joint.

  • I disagree.

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    • Also I find it especially funny that you have such a great desire to be seen as normal when you argue from the perspective that people are unique individuals. Still curious as to why you hate tho. Pretty sure I've never seen you outside of the context of this question.

    • I am too drunk to be able to hold this conservation. I consede.