Ready for the special forces?

What should have or be to get ready for the special forces?

How can i practice to make my life easier at the training, and actualy pass?


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  • First thing you do is knock out those push ups, pull ups, dips, planks, and any other body weight exercise as the military cares more about muscular endurance than strength.
    It also depends on what SF unit you want to join. IF you want to be a SEAL get good at swimming. If you want to be a Green Beret, you will be carrying 100 lb rucksacks at Selection so you want to get good at Rucking.

    If you want to be a ranger try to get at least 80 push ups, 80 sit ups, 10 pull ups, and be able to run 5 miles in under 35 min.
    Also you might want to read up on Ranger history (you are required to pass a Ranger history test) before shipping so you will have more free time at RASP and won't have to do as much studying.
    The best thiNG you can do to make your life easier at training is by getting in shape before training.

    • the best advice so far thanks
      im from germany i dont know what are those by they are not navy seals
      they are called KSK or Kommando SpezialKräfte you can google it if you want and see what it actualy is

      many say mental my mental is actualy Very Good, my body is athletic, my stamina is above average, my strength is average
      i can do like 35 push ups in a minute, sit ups and pull ups i lose count i can do a lot
      do you think i can make it? cause their training is very very hard
      they even put you in a real military prison and you escape with another soldier and you have to survive to the forest, for 2 weeks, though over 30 soldiers and 5 dogs 2 trucks are looking for you, you have to feed from worms or whatever you can find

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    • ok thanks but i forgot to mention
      i was a very fit kid i was playing football basketball swiming, martial arts
      but I've never done like push ups in the football training we did like 5-10
      i started like a week ago i can now do 35 without getting tired
      i have 7 more months until the special forces training

    • You can do it! JUST focus on doing push ups and follow the trainiNG regimen I recommended. I had been following this for about 6 years and I can now do 500+ push ups nonstop. You can easily get to 80 push ups in 7 months if you work hard. BEST of luck to you and thank you for your service!

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  • Special forces is a mental game. I know one guy who went MARSOC.. they now call them the Marine Corps raiders I think.. he was just a typical tough alpha male dude. The worst thing you could do is get advice from a bunch of pussies on this website. Go to a military forum.

  • They have entire guides on this FROM THE SPECIAL FORCES that will help you that are online and accessible to you. Like this one:

  • Go to the gym and running