How do I control my temper?

I dont know why but I easily get mad sometimes or annoyed quickly. Ill be speaking to someone and how I say stuff sounds like Im taking it out on them or being angry with them when Im actually not.
Even through texting people can tell when Im pissed off. Ill be mad at something and speaking about it to someone and how mad it made me and they think Im having a go at them?
I dont know what to do; I of course apologise for my behaviour and explain my intentions but its not enough and after multiple times of saying sorry they dont accept it. I do work out and go running. Have no idea what to do! I dont mean to come across as rude or angry towards someone, it was just something that happened that day that has nothing to do with them lol


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  • When you think of saying or doing something, don't... problem solved

    • Yeah I do that a lot already... dont say anything and just breathe until I feel calmer

    • Apparently not enough 😋

    • Ill be a mime if I dont speak 😂

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  • My mum does this. She gets pissed off and starts turnign and makign it sound like it's YOUR fault.

    Her partner steped on one of the kittens once, in his steel capped boots because for some reason after working all day in them he doesn't think his feet might like to be out of the bloody shoes (and she won't ask him to take them off even though she's the one who has to clean up the mud he tracks through the house) but yeah he stepped on a kitten, accidentally mind you, and when the kitten squealed he lifted his foot in shock and it sped off. I went to cuddle the kitten and make sure it was okay, checked it's legs and back. Mum instantly went off, and started yelling at ME, like it was MY fault the idiot wasn't lookign where he was going when he KNEW the kittens were in the room. It's not like they were quiet.

    She kept saying it could have died and how bad her partner would have felt and all it felt liek was that it was MY fault, and how could it be? How could that have at all been my fault? I'm not the one who let the cat get out and get pregnant. I'm not the one who never closes the backdoor. I wasn't the one who stepped on it, I wasn't the one wearing the steel cap boots. I certainly wasn't the one who had the responsibility or money to get the cat fixed to stop the kittens from having ever happened in the first place.

    So how was it my fault?

    Fucked if I know, but even if her intention WASN'T to make me feel like it was my fault, why the fuck was I the one being yelled at?

    That's not the only time she's done it, she does it when she's upset abotu stuff that happened before I was even born too. That was just the time that upset me the most, understandably.


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  • Think before you speak or act. Don't just react.


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  • It happens to me a lot. I usually wear a music player throughout the day, especially at work. The music calms me down. Another thing that helps is disconnecting the angry part by refocusing it. Just try to remember it's not that persons fault, or go over it in your head till it doesn't bother you as much. If you rationalize it, and try to come up with a solution, it will stop bothering you.

    • Thanks! I listen to music a lot and especially reggae which calms me down, sometimes I have to sit down and relax. But in social situations I can't just put music in my ears and sit down lol

  • -Smoke some weed
    -Take deep breaths
    -Go on a walk