Why is it Cleveland against the world?

I'm from Cleveland. We're up 3-1 in the world series. It will take a true miracle for the Cubs to win. Why though, does it seem like it's Cleveland against the world?


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  • Because it's the Cubs. The lovable losers. The cursed team, etc.

    On paper, they have a near perfect combination of talented veterans, an excellent farm system that has delivered productive young players and a relatively large payroll. They are essentially the most talented team set up for complete excellence for years that could easily compare to the late 90's Yankees. They are supposed to win.

    On the other hand you have the Indians, that no one outside of actual die hard Cleveland fans thought would even win their division. Their whole run reeks of hot streaks and luck. Sure, some like to root for the underdog, but... I mean, going up against the Cubs is not what you want to be doing in terms of fanbases and even just casual baseball fans.

    Until the Cubs actually win the World Series, it's pretty much always going to be the other city against the world.

    • We basically had the same thing though. We have a great farm system, and made great trades. And no, it's not luck. That 14 game win streak, was won with pure power

  • Because nobody likes Cleveland..

    • Why though

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    • Yeah but not really.. Everybody was just amazed the Cubs made it this far. They should have done it last year for Back to the Future 2!

    • But we shouldn't have either. We shouldn't even have gotten past Boston. Why is it Cleveland against the world?

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