My mothers boyfriend wants me to have a drink with him?

He's contemplating breaking up with her because she keeps in contact with her ex and it seems like she still has feelings for him.
He thinks she's disloyal and he said he wishes she had my personality. He also said these things:
- I look like a model
- I'm sexy, pretty, and that I have a nice body
- he's confused as to why my ex treated me the way he did because he said that if he'd of been in his shoes he'd of taken me out and treated me great
- he got upset about my mother and said he wishes I was older so he can go out with me instead

Let me make this clear, I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THIS MAN. He seems to of always looked at me this way because he's always been a bit flirty with me.
I'm 18, and I've known him since I was 15.
I can't tell my mother because she's an alcoholic and she'd blame both me and him and be really angry. It would cause a lot of drama.
he's also got aspergers though so I think this contributes towards the fact that he's so open about how he sees me. I know he wouldn't hurt me, and I do like him (in a friendship way) because he's cool to talk to. But I don't know how to stop him being like this because I don't want to cause drama and I don't think he'll ever truly be out of my life, because my mother will always be in contact with him even if they do break up.


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  • How about you just tell him no?

    • I have, but it doesn't change the way he sees me. He used to act really moody when I'd bring my boyfriend over because I think he was jealous, even though it's obvious I have no interest in him.

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    • @layla1234

      He told her he wishes she was older so he could date her and that she's sexy. I think her suspicions are correct...

    • I missed that part must of skimmed too quickly.

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