Guys if a girl wanted to ask you out, how would you want her to do it?

Over facebook since I never talked to the guy AND I am likely never going to see him again.

Something like a movie or a coffee date.



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  • Over Facebook seems a little crappy in my opinion (not because you're a girl, I generally think Facebook is rubbish). It doesn't come across as sincere in my opinion. Like when couples discuss important relationship matters over text messages... man, what has the world come to. I would only use Facebook if nothing else works. If you know his name, it would certainly be sweeter to look him up, find out where he lives and go by personally. Or maybe find out his phone number. At least I would think that's much nicer.

    • You're kidding about the home thing right? It could be creepy to do that!

      I don't have his number or his email. Even facebook I wonder if it's too private because given the fact that he's not interested... it might be like... she looked me up on facebook and messaged me etc. is she obsessed?

      Can I be really honest? I'm of a really different culture than him. He might think i'm not mature or something for continuing to hold on to a school-crush even after the wholet hing is over.

    • Uhm no, I'm not kidding. It's a little sad people find everything "creepy" these days. I would totally do that. You don't need to stare through his bathroom window. Just ring the bell and say that you were in the area or that you were thinking of him or something like that.
      I also don't think it's weird to contact an old school acquaintance. People do that all the time. You can't lose anything. He won't bite off your head. The worst that can happen is him saying he's not interested.

    • I have never talked to him before in my life. I've seen him around school a lot etc. etc. but never had the nerve to talk to him.

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  • I'd just be friendly and ask him what's up


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  • Honestly, in any way possible. I wouldn't mind if she asked straight up or by message

    • Should I just start with "Hey" and see if he responds?

      I'm scared. What if he tells the other guys?

    • You're overthinking it. Why would it matter if he tells other guys? What are they gonna do to you that's bad? Anyway you should try to see him first in person before you make it official. But yea start a convo on fb if that's your only way of communicating and ask if you want to meet up sometime. Something like that

    • They'd laugh at me. Or think I'm crazy.

      I don't think i'll ever see him again.

  • it is very rare for a woman to do such a thing

    • To ask him out or ask him out on facebook?

      Yeah I know. This is why I'm scared of doing it.

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