How old women have... facial hair?

I was at the bank today and next to me there was an old woman with... visible facial hair!! Not a full beard but what we would call a "patchy" one.

And it's not the first time I notice it, but I have seen old women with some visible "moustache" on their upper lip, but almost a beard?

I wonder if there are any old women who buy shaving razors for themselves.


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  • Well we are humans... and humans have body hair. Some females produce more testosterone than others which causes them to have more hair than others.

    And I Never heard of girls shaving their upper lip lol 😣


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  • It's not just old women. I've known young woman who have to either wax or bleach their moustache. Some are just unlucky.


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  • If I remember correctly, older women begin to get facial hair because after the menopause, oestrogen drops and you're more likely to exhibit male traits such as facial hair. And hey, if someone's lived to be like 70, I think we should probably not start to harass them about shaving.


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