How would you deal with a store with a manager like this?

So I was out shopping, not finding much. Was considering buying some dumbbells at the store, but finally settled on a Powerade. Out comes one of the managers of that store. He knows that I know someone at that store, and get along with her. But I was determined to shop there regardless if she were there or not. It wasn't solely about her; it was also to look up the prices of the dumbbells. If she were there, I would've waved hi. But she wasn't, so I kept on shopping.

Out comes this manager, who sneaks up behind me and just about grabs me. He accuses me of "constantly" being in the store and "constantly" interrupting service.

I had only been in that store two other times.

Both times a month ago. The first time, I was only in there to kill time waiting for the rest of my party for the buffet to arrive. The second time, I was looking at prices on all the equipment. I asked about her, and was told she wasn't there then either. I said: "Okay, just tell her I said hi." And kept shopping.

This guy does everything he can to make me feel unwelcome. I confront him with how wrong his accusations are. He doesn't care. He continues to badger me. Clearly, the real issue is that he's jealous of my friendship with her, the more the conversation goes on.

I simply bought my Powerade, told the cashier that the manager was acting crazy, and left.

What would you do? I am tempted to file a complaint. He's not protecting his business. He's protecting his ego. And being excessively hostile to customers.

By the way, the gal in question said I can stop in any time. And if she's there, she'd wave back. Her and I didn't get a chance to exchange numbers yet, and so she told me to meet her there some day and she'd give me her number and I could give her mine.


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  • Just report him to the corporate office since the customer is always right and he also isn't allowed to grab you

    • Just filed a complaint via the corporate website. I'm still not planning to set foot in that store any time soon.

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    • I suspect that when I refused to hand my info to him a month ago, he made all the other workers his spies, informing them to alert him to my presence. He didn't like being told no.

    • He sounds like a dick so I hope you got him in trouble , to bad it messes up your chances with the girl

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  • Or it could be an innocent tease from him. You should of told him back you just like shopping there. But clearly he probably likes that girl. Just stay away from him give that store some time apart

    • His intentions were clearly hostile. My second time there, he interrupted me shopping and "offered" to give my card to her. I smelled a trap, and declined. Turns out I was right. His being openly hostile toward me when I'm minding my own business betrays that his earlier offer a month ago was intended to be a trap. He was going to fabricate some story against me. Someone else tried that almost ten years ago. Those kinds of men are busybodies out to make trouble for others.

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