Why would a guy suddenly stop texting, after seeming eager?

This person and I had been texting regularly for the last week or so. He would send "good morning" texts and ask how my day was later on; I never pressured him or became clingy, he chose to do that. Suddenly, he stopped... I messaged him yesterday, and received no response. That's fine, I wasn't worried about it. I sent him something today, and still no response... furthermore, he wasn't hanging out where he usually does on campus. I waited for him, and nothing.

Could he be avoiding me? I don't know what I could have done. He seemed like he was looking forward to hanging out and talking, since we have a lot of shared interests (it's what made us exchange numbers in the first place.)

At this point I'm feeling several things:
A.) What if something happened? Is he alright?
B.) Am I being rejected? That hurts, especially for no obvious reason.
C.) Is he just busy?

I refuse to be the person who sends ten texts in a row, either on the same day or over the course of a week. If he doesn't respond to my last one, then I guess that is all the answer I need... as painful as it is.

Guys, why would you stop texting someone, out of the blue? I'm so confused right now. It wouldn't normally bother me (we're all adults here, people get busy)... it's just the huge contrast to how he was behaving before is what has me worried.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Could've died, in hospital, met someone else, lost interest, just busy

    • All of those (except the last) are awful. I'd rather he have met someone else than have had something bad happen to him, but it's still a big pain in the heart.

    • I'm sorry

What Girls Said 1

  • he must have found somebody else

    • I thought we were getting along so well... he was so quick to initiate a day's conversation. I stood around like an idiot today waiting for him, and wore things that I am more confident in so that I'd have one less thing to screw up. I wish people could be honest. The worst part is that, if it really is what you say, then it looks like I'm losing a friend. It's sick because I don't throw around the word "friend."

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