What's going on? He is really confusing me... I need your guys' Help?

So I like this guy. I have for a while and we've been friends for some time. I've seen him be ignored by this girl named Belle. She is beautiful and really nice but all she does is talk to him when it's convenient for her, plays with him like a toy and tells him all about the 100000 crushes she has. It's cruel because she KNOWS he has liked her for a while. Anyways, I told him how I felt about him and He told me this: "I like you too but, I'm sort of with somebody... Belle... but if I wasn't then I would want to talk about being together but as of now nothing can come out of it... I'm sorry." and I asked if it was a relationship type thing and he said no but it was leading up to it. So I felt bad... and then I asked him if we should stop talking for a while so it won't cause any problems (because I know it will). He refused. He wants to still talk to me and have me be a part of his life. But my questions are:

1. Why does he like me if he is with Belle?
2. Why won't he stop talking to me if we both know it'll cause problems down the road?

I'm not stupid because it seems to be he wants me to be a back up plan but if he really didn't want any problems with Belle then he would cut contact and not talk to me right?

Since he has liked Belle for a while why did he develop something for me?


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  • Well, it seems that he has been into this Belle for a while, so I don't see how you talking with him would change anything, since he thinks he is making progress with her.
    The only problems I see would be for yourself and how you would feel having to repress your own feelings around him, not the opposite.
    If you guys were friends before this, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are his backup. He may just not want you to be distant on purpose since he already knows you'd be self conscious in distancing yourself, so he wants things to continue as they are now.

    • But if he's liked her for a while why did he develop feelings for me?

    • When he says he likes you too, he means that he doesn't think you're ugly or something, and that he would be ok with you if belle didn't exist. But that doesn't mean that he has feelings for you.
      He was probably
      1) being nice not to hurt your feelings
      2) admiting that you're girlfriend material :)

      But either way it doesn't mean he has feelings. The max that could happen is he admiting that if belle wasn't there, the feelings for you could easily grow.

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  • Weird... kind of going through the same thing almost. I think it's best to find someone else. You don't want to end up being the second choice... you want to be the first and only. If he doesn't snap out of whatever trance he's in then he's the one that's missing out and it'll be his loss. If he wants to waste his time with a girl that is like that with him then let him.

    • You're right. I don't understand why guys go for someone that treats them like this 😞

    • Thanks for mho!

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  • Sounds like he's dreaming that he's with Belle. But he's not available for you right now, and you can't really fix this. Maybe he'll get a clue and maybe not. In the meantime you should find a guy who is living in the real world.

    • True... Thanks for your opinion!

  • You should assassinate Belle. Take her down quietly from behind with a garrote.

    • Ok lol sounds like a plan 😂

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