What should a person do if they win big money in the lottery? Should they tell their family or move to a different state? What would you do? And Why?

Isn't selfish to stay quite and not share with family?


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  • Damn these questions are a pain to me, they remind me that I won 150 million euros at the lottery, then I found out I had forgot to play. :'( It was on the news for a day in my country lol.

    I wouldn't have told anyone though, having so much money is dangerous and you should keep it a secret.

    • How is it that you won, and forgot to play?

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    • What did your family say, once you told them the news?

    • We checked the numbers together, when the saw the last number we couldn't really believe what was happening, we looked at each other and started screaming yeeeeesss hahaha the joy was real

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  • Get the Hell out of California before the liberals tax everything into oblivion.


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  • Id truly give 50% of it for finding a cure for AIDS :) and invest the rest ;)

  • Don't tell anyone