What has your life taught you so far?

What I learned:
1. People will not always be there
2. Take risks
3. Cherish every day
4. Never give up
5. Be kind to everyone you meet
6. You are special to someone
7. Be grateful
8. Love unconditionally
9. Don't ever give up on anyone nor yourself
10. Don't follow the crowd nor change yourself for anyone

I have lost everyone that meant the most to me in my family. My cousin and my grandparents. My great grandmother, grandmother, and great grand father all died this year in a 5 month span. I may have not meant much to anyone else in my life but my grandparents loved me unconditionally more than anyone has ever in my life (including my parents). I'm grateful for them and all the amazing things in life. I also had what I thought were some great friends but I guess not. I lost touch with some, my best friend lives in another state now (we talk), a friend here has stopped talking to me because I told her "happy late birthday ". She didn't even say thank you. Another slowly stopped talking to me after i rejected him. No one has even cared that I've lost the only people in my life that have meant so much to me. Nor have they checked to see if I was ok. Overall my experiences have turned me into a pretty amazing person if I do say so myself. It's just been a crappy life aside from the good things.


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  • be kind to everyone u meet... unless u think u should be an ass. if my spidey sense goes off im going to be an asshole. some people deserve it and u can tell as u meet them. im not going to be nice and let some dick wad walk over me. i dont have a bitch switch that can be flicked on. best u will get is earning my respect the hard way and having me submit... guess how often that happens... can count that on one hand. dont think people can spell respect nowadays.

    i just wanted to comment on that one thing ;) i just hate it when people assume to be nice to everyone!

    • Of course people won't be nice to someone if they're being rude. I mean as you never know how your kindness could affect someone. It could make their day or even stop someone from wanting to kill themselves at least for a day.

    • i won't go into back story, but i hate that excuse. if u want to kill urself. do it. the ones who cry about it just want attention. they are no indanger of doing anything. the ones u have to worry about are like sharks. u have to KNOW ur friends and be aware of slight changes in the water. most people dont pay attention enough to know the shark is there. by the time it attacks its too late... if they really want to kill themselves they won't tell u as u are going to stop them. u have to see this and interpret it and stop it before it happens. no one is going to tell u the god dam light is red save that person. take my words for what they are i won't explain why i know what i know.

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  • Cherish the ones around you because they won't always be there

    Procrastination kills

    Learn to say no and mean it

    Don't get pressured by others

    Go for what you really want and stop letting others influence your thoughts and decisions

    To Stop being so afraid

    Life is very very short so be a good person that can make long lasting impressions on others

    Never give up

    Forgive and forget

    Fight for what you want and for the people you love

    There's more, but that's all I'm going to list for noe.


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  • My only rule really is be reasonable, especially when you're young.
    why be so closed off to the world, why think you know it all, when you should be wanting people to change your mind and your views.
    Same deal with personal pain, be reasonable, will this totally life ending problem matter 10, 20, 50 years from now?
    applies to choice quite well too, if there's no reason not to do something then why not do it, are the things preventing it really that bad? or is it more just a few minutes of awkwardness.
    Be reasonable, in your actions and reactions

  • I am sad to know your story. But just be good to yourself and build up your life on a strong footing. You have seen your worst days. Now prepare for a better future.

  • the importance of putting god first

  • No matter how good a person you are, you'll only be judged by your looks.

  • Life is suffering; however, there are things you can do to make your journey easier. There are also things you can do to make it more painful.

    The goal of life, for me at least, is to find and create beauty (not just physical or artistic)



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  • Take care of yourself

  • My life sucks