Stressed? conly thinking negative that things can go wrong? I need advice or listening ears?

So I'm going through a hard time now I've been stressed etc over filing child support etc it's my first time filing it ( money isn't the issue ) just the way I see it if you make a baby etc you should help even if ur not together no more anyways my case is my ex is well just look at the pictures a lot say he's abuisve and controlling etc anyways I not with him no more I didn't even know I was pregnant cuz I had taken the first pregnancy test it came negative and when I went to get the nexaplanon they require a pregnancy test and I never got in answer so I assume it came negative anyways i will own up to what I did and deal with it. i have two supportive people that's my father and yes I have a 1 yr old and his dad has been supportive after I treated him like shit and yes I do regret it and wish I didn't.
Just need advise and I don't want to be judged or critized just because of my past etc cuz I already I fucked up. These pics are from my old page on here and I don't have no access to it no more Stressed ?conly thinking negative that things can go wrong ? I need advice or listening ears?
Camaron is a nickname my dad gave my 1 yr old just letting y'all know. And no I never cheated on this guy I treated him right I put him first and not my 1 yr old.
No he barely spent money on me only time he did was take me the beach and I had pay for most of the trip to tybee island and he barely spent money. He's gotten me used jeans and used Jordan's. I had $200 from my job and I only got my 1 yr old 1 pair of sandals and the rest on that guy and myself. And I regret that as well. All I want is just advice and not to be judged or critized.
Since all I can do is just think negative that something will go wrong etc and it's hard to be positive about all this

I'm starting worry a lot more about this and it's just eating my mind and it's just difficult to control the thoughts it can go wrong I do have a very supportive person and I know I can ask my dad question when he went to file for child support on my mom when I was 4 . So much worries me a lot 😞I'm just praying for the best


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  • Ok I'm confused.. What is the point of the crazy dude? He's not the father right?

    • Crazy dude is the father sorry for confusing you :( he's not my 1 yr old dad ( thank god ) my son dad he's been supportive about this and he calls the baby his even tho he knows it's not his

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    • I did try..

    • Ok ok I'll try

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  • Girl you should seriously think about a restriction order! and I'm not overreacting, I'm serious, you SHOULD. About child support, yeah the law will make him pay that's for sure, don't you worry about that. Stay focused on what you have to do now, dealing with the upcoming baby, and keep the other 1yo baby safe too. That "father" doesn't even deserves to get to see his child. I really hope you can get through this harsh situation, you look like a strong woman, and surely you have learned from all your past mistakes.

    • Girl I have learned and I'm I will make sure that does happen and something tells me you be a good friend to talk ☺️ And don't worry my 1yr old he's safe with his daddy and so I am me and my son dad are back together and he's been supportive and trying to keep me relaxed about all this

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    • Yes I know my dad is happy and been supportive as well but all of the child support it's just eating at me it's hard to stay positive

    • Thanks for the MHO <3

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  • Why would you want anything to do with this guy? Getting child support from him means he'll always be connected to you. I think you're better off just not having him involved, especially if money isn't an issue for you. You should probably get a restraining order on him and use these messages as proof that you need him to stay away from you and your child.

    • I see your point I really do but how I see it if you make a baby you need to own up and help. That's just how I see it and don't worry I'll be showing the pictures to the judge that is no problem and yea ur right but no way I will let him get visitation i see him as a dangerous person and I'm not gonna let him be Scott free because that's just not right to just not let him pay child support but he can pay for weed? I mean that's just how I see it.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly that people should own up to their responsibilities. I'm just very concerned with how all this is going to play out.

    • I can see you are and so am I it's what worries me the most