Girls, would you like it if your boyfriend ate you out directly after vaginal sex?

Say you literally just finished having sex and then he just started kissing you all over your body and then worked his way down. Would you want him to eat you out or do you want a breather/be left alone?

  • Yes please
    57% (8)
  • No leave it be
    14% (2)
  • other
    14% (2)
  • Hell I want a thirds..
    15% (2)
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I'm a Girl
Anyone else with opinions? I swear I'm not going to message you a dick pic... I'm not one of THOSE gag guys.


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  • Best thing ever.

    • Does it happen often for you?

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    • That makes sense. So are there times you enjoy it to some degree where you were hoping for it but it didn't happen because it would make you crave it more?

    • Well thank you for your opinion. You're the only one that offered it...

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