Who do you think handles hardship better, blacks or whites?

  • Blacks
  • Whites
  • Neither
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  • We all need to handle hardships. It's part of life.
    The way we deal with them has nothing to do with our skin color. It has to do with our personality, our beliefs and also our outlook in life.
    So, for me, it's neither.


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  • I disagree with the other answers. I think things like this can partially be determined by race. Not because of our biology but because of sociocultural factors.

    I would say that it's evolved throughout history.. but the simple fact is that Blacks have endured slavery, Jim Crow, higher rates of poverty, higher crime rates in their communities, etc.

    I think these things naturally breed a culture of higher resilience. So Blacks probably win, here.

    • Your conclusion is not entirely accurate.
      The question asks if they handle hardship better
      Just because they experience more hardship doesn't mean they handle it well.

      Just look at their conditions now, they haven't handled it well, and that's why there is higher crime rates and poverty in black communities.

    • @PiuBravoRagazzo it depends on how you're defining "handling"... I read "enduring". There's a different meaning there.

      I suppose if you think about the fact that after all these years post institutionalized racism.. Blacks still have such high rates of crime and poverty.. yeah you could say they don't "handle" it well.

      Especially when you think how we see groups like the Jews who have been seen as undesirables for centuries and had an entire genocide waged against them.. and they still manage to be successful wherever they go, despite that.

      I don't think Black culture breeds an enterprising spirit. But I think if you put you or I in of their neighborhoods for a year we'd have a much tougher time than any of them.

    • your cognitive dissonance is making me confused.
      So you are saying, blacks dont handle hardship well. That whites (specifically jews) handle it much better?

  • that makes absolutely no sense because situations, as well as your individual choices, effect the extent, or difficulty, of your hardship. it is not a racial issue.

  • I dont think you can segregate it by race.

  • what kind of hardship?
    that is so vague
    it really depends on the individual
    but if you're talking about racial hardship in the US
    it's neither black or white
    it's Asians that handle it the best

  • Individual people making the tough choices in the hard times. Skin color is irrelevant.

  • That depends on the person.

  • What kind of hardship?

  • the jews


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  • depends on the person. i guess some may suggest that because of the adversity black people have faced that they may be more resilient in dealing with hardship but i don't really know if that is true.

    so i'd say race doesn't matter as much as who the person is as an individual

  • Whites. Not even an argument

    Here is a great example of handling hardship as a collective racial and ethnic people.

    Post WW1 Germany, Germans are humiliated by Versailles treaty, they have German lands taken from them and redistributed, they have reparations, and hyper inflation sets in causing mass unemployment.

    Germany lost its military, and almost all its power, it's people broken.

    But between 1930-1939, Germany reinvented itself, they managed to control inflation (by printing their own money) build new infrastructure, create millions of new jobs, rebuild their armies, retake stolen territories.

    WW2 then ensued and Europe was left in deeply scarred. Many German cities were firebombed and destroyed, infrastructure broken, the German people were once again humiliated. Divided into two germanies east and west.

    For years German people had to face Soviet oppression.
    in 1990 the German people were finally reunited
    East and west Germany were now a unified Germany

    In present times the German people face extinction
    Their birth rates are low, couple that with mass migration from Africa and the Middle East, Germany might not be Germany much longer.

    But if history repeats itself I think the German people will come out on top and stronger than before.

    • There are already mobs of Germans beating up "refugees". Germans are already pissed by what's happening to their culture, and many aren't taking it.
      Makes sense, tbh. Not only they're dealing with people that don't want to assimilate with their culture, or being told they're racists if they don't approve what Merkel is doing, they're also dealing with people who are roughly committing 780 crimes per day... that's insane!

    • @AleDeEurope I have been praying for Germany, and the rest of Europe tbh.
      Merkel is disgusting, she needs to be kicked out by force.
      She is sabotaging her own people.

  • The individual.

  • why should race make any difference?

  • Blacks are generally more resilliant to anxiety. This is the reason blacks have a lower suicide rate. They're better able to cope after bad things happen to them (like becoming disabled).

  • About the same I think