Please help I need help please?

I've been depressed for a while now and now i have thoughts of wanting to hurt and kill people. Now please hear me out before you decide to report my question, i know it's wrong and i know i need help but these thoughts consume my mind and I'm scared of myself and i know hurting and killing people is bad but I've had the thoughts now for a while and enough is enough what should i do? Please i want help i know wanting kill people is not normal and i do think about the consequences, but please tell me what i can do. I sometimes do seld-harm to myself to relieve the pain and the depression as well but i just want to get help. Please help me is all i ask please.


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  • You don't look like a bad person. You just look like the person who want to make others feel what you feel. I'm suggesting you to try to to express your feelings by doing something artistic. Write a book or some poetry or a song etc. Also, love yourself and everything will be fine.
    *Sorry for my English


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  • Just sit down and be quitely losing those taught. Think about sex, cars or something else which triggers you to not think about killing and selfharming. The Lord Jesus can save you from this. He will not take it away easily but he will help you stand against this.

    I hope you not trolling me because i'm dead serious about this.

    • No I'm not and sex is one of the triggers too.

    • Otherwise take an stressball or that rubber band like the girl is saying.
      You can do it. I believe in you eventhough i don't know your name.
      Don't shoot up the school!

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  • Please private message me if your feeling that way.
    What are you depressed over?
    You should calm yourself and think about something that will distract your thoughts.

  • I think as long as you don't think you would go through with them, you're going to be okay. My stepdad molested me and beat my mom. I've imagined killing him repeatedly in my head. I would never go through with it in real life though. Maybe try carrying around a rubber band on your wrist and every time you have a thought like that, pull it back and snap it. That should help!


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