Would anyone buy an apple lap top from 2012?

I not hoping to get a lot of money but I have an apple computer I was debating on selling but im not sure if anyone would by it given how old it is. Is it even worth the attempt?


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  • 2012? Nah, it probably has a really old cpu.. probably dual core :\
    The screen resolution is standard. The memory is slow and not much.
    The disk is not SSD, and in these days, that's pretty much standard.

    There are great laptops on the market for like 400 to 600€. I would definitely not buy a 2012 :\

    Oh, and the touchpad was still crappy in those ones.
    by the way, is it the 13 or the 15 inch version?


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  • They will.


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  • Somebody would. I know two people who have bought older Apples from people for a decent chunk. Better than anyone would pay for a PC of that age, anyway.

    Apple is good at separating people from their money. There are people out there who can't afford new, who'd buy your outdated piece of junk just because it's got the logo they want. Believe it.

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