Zootopia is calling to You?

If you have seen the movie Zootopia you'll be able to answer this question. If you have no, then you won't be able to, but perhaps you can just take a guess. Either way, I would like everyone to way in on this question. If suddenly all of humanity was gone and the world was turned over to the animals like in the movie, and they were all walking upright and talking...

What animal would you be? For example: In the movie there were wolves, and tigers, and lions, and oh my yes... bears. There were also otters and beavers, and mice, and lemmings. So what type of animal would you choose to be. The animal must be land-based. No aquatic animals and no ariel animals (birds... etc.).

Come on GAGers. what' say you?


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  • I'd want to be a rabbit. A bunny sounds really cute. I loved this movie.

  • Love that movie haha and I would like to be a fox and yourself?

    • I believe I would like to be either a fox or a wolf. It would be nice to be a wily fox, but then again if I was a wolf, then I could start a "Howl" Arroooooooooooooooo!!!

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    • *Dancing around and jumping in the air in excitement*
      You are correct! ding ding ding ding!!! :)
      I'm impressed!!! :)

    • Don't be I so googled it.. haha

  • I would like to be either a rabbit or a gazelle. The former because my favorite animal are bunnies. They are sooo cuuute and adorable. The latter because I'm as tall as her and my body figure is simiar to hers. We might look the "same". LOL


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