Should I see a therapist for my low self esteem issues?

I feel like I'm average or don't deserve things.

A lot of this has to do with education. I completed a bachelor's degree, but still feel 'less'.

I think this also has to do with me being treated awfully from a lot of people. When I used to try to speak up about it, I would be seen as the 'lesser' of the two and accused of lying and being jealous.

I am starting to think I should probably see someone for it.


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  • "should"? its your life not anyone else's.. do whatever you want

    but it does help, yes


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  • If you've tried self- help and it's making you unhappy , and preventing you from moving forward in your life, then it would be wise to see a Therapist. Some people need extra support and encouragement from a professional.