Once corporations were allowed to spend money in politics, they owned politics?

Our government operates under the premise of a 'democratic republic'. Early American thinkers such as Jefferson advocated this style of rulership because the sovereign power was 'in the people', policy that is generated is supposed to reflect 'the general will' of the population. A strong (difficult to alter) constitution was intended to make sure elected officials upheld the ethical standards and served to mitigate any incentive of corruption. In effect no 'social class' is above the law.

However it is blatantly obvious that this political model is failing horribly. The driving force of all policy has do with only one thing - currency. Political agenda is influenced solely by the amount of income donated to the representative during campaign periods. Modern parties go as far as to DENY science in the formulation of policy.

Furthermore people are afraid of authorities. The so called 'war on drugs' serves only to generate revenue for the PRIVATELY OWNED prison cooperation who strike deals with state legislators requiring a 'minimum' occupancy number that skyrockets every year.

It is clearly time for a change.

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  • I completely agree. Here in Europe, we like to call America a feudalist state. It might sound funny but I actually think it's very scary. The similarities in terms of power dynamics between medieval Europe and modern-day America are striking. Except of course that in the modern times, the top 1% has technological possibilities to keep everyone else in check that medieval lords could only dream of.

    • We don't even get the benefits of a feudal state though. At least serfs had some notion of security. With competition we are only granted the chance to maybe make (mostly insignificant) profit. The growing workforce attacks itself.

    • Yes, that's true, good point. And it's so tragic to see people consistently vote against their own interests. This is also present here in Europe of course but it's even crazier in the US. Reagan told the American people that everyone will be super happy and cheerful once rich people piss... uh, excuse me, "trickle" down on them. Well, of course it didn't work out, people got screwed over, they're understandably angry and now they vote for a racist guy because somehow, it's apparently the Mexicans who did all this. Back in 2008 I thought "now something will change". I thought people in America had finally realized how the financial sector and most of Washington doesn't give a rat's ass about them. But I was wrong. Amazingly, they just keep voting the same kinds of people.
      I really wonder where this will all end up... it's scary.

    • If anything the current election just showcases how big of a joke politics has become. Our leaders are supposed to embody the culmination of our intellectual achievement of our temperance and empathetic understanding. These fucks are might as well be on a reality TV show called presidential election. Shit could honestly be the newest production of TMZ.

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  • America's form of governance is extremely viable. BUT it was founded on the point that those who govern and those that are governed follow some moral code, ethics, values. Once that's corrupted, the whole system breaks down into what we have.

    We saw a glimpse of that in 2008, when banks "too big to fail" were bailed out instead of allowed to actually fail. At the heart of that (and continuing into today), is a little thing called GREED. Our leaders are greedy for anything from currency (as you pointed out) to power (as has been recently been exposed with the Democrats and Hillary specifically). I promise you, it's not limited to Democrats either. Republicans, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists and all the others are HIGHLY subjected to that form of failure.

    Unless you remove that human condition (greed), EVERY form of governance will fail. So far, during world history, America's has been the best at allowing the most freedom and safety for its citizens.

  • That's not entirely true. We have pretty much been an oligarchy, always. Hence the reason why only white men with property could vote, which correlated to about.5 of the population at that time...

    As for the idea that somehow, currency and cooperations were the driving force behind politics as being anything new, you have to virtually go back to the beginning of American history for that. The only difference was that they were more focused on separating itself from the ideologies similar to Britain as in the form of no taxation without representation and how to actually govern its people. They really didn't think too far in advance. If you don't believe me, it reached its pinnacle in the civil war, which was about economic wealth (through slavery, obviously). In the 1900s, it was a huge problems. That's where most of the antitrust laws, quid pro quo, bribing, kickbacks, monopolies, etc started. Companies were taking stupid advantage of the government

    The war on drugs, although might have turned into private prison profit, was to uphold systematic racism and convict hippies (some dude from nixon's staff recently spilled the beans

    I'm not going to say your points are stupid or anything. I don't even think you're wrong or anything. In fact, I agree. The only thing that bugs me is that it feels a bit naive that people just notice it or think it's some revolutionary line of thinking, as if the modern age is somehow different from any other point in history. This shit has literally gone on since the inception of our country. Just like people who think that the NSA and CIA and shit about the country spying on its citizens is anything new. Having taken a cryptology class or 2, a few political and governmental classes and a show called "turn", this shit has been going on forever. The only difference is that people are collectively paying attention to it now that it's in front of our own eyes and not being looked at mindless drab that we read in our history book to get an A for a final 😑

    • Wow. Thanks for taking the time to produce such a thoughtful opinion. I do agree in a sense that this is not really a 'new issue' but you have to take into consideration that people very rarely consider different options for how a government can be structured. I study political philosophy and seeing the historical emergance of social institutions and the differnent means by which civilization have justified unique styles of social organization really makes you wonder we are not at work day and night trying to refine this process.

      Imagine a world with no currency. With even intelligible resource distribution. With emphasis on art and culture. With minimal work requirements

      It's absurd in this day and age that the 40hr week is still a reality for most people.

    • Well, yeah. I find it nauseating how people have political opinions but don't understand jack shit about politics and government and understand less about history of our country. I do agree that if people actually gave a shit for more than 3 months once every 4 years, we'd be in a better place. I actually have my own system, but it's fairly complicated, but here's a dumbed down version of it

      As for the money thing, you're preaching to the choir. Stop playing behind the 8 ball 😂. The bank was open a month ago 👌

      Sadly, our dynamic government is 1 that's not outdated, but due to the incompetence of the people and their understanding of how to use it, instead of evolving with the times, we just roll with the archaic laws until it becomes a problem and then we riot until shit "changes"

    • intresting view point on the anticurrwncy position. i do think robotics and progrming will play a large role in redifing the convential tasks of human beings. however its kinda unfair to say Marx 'proposed' a class war, he simply labeled divisons that already existed. but yea if we shift away from an econic system that requires excess to opperate i think there would no use fir money its really pretty stupid, plus its a lot of trees dying too.

  • Go further back

    Once they set up central banks as a private entity, it was over from there. You already had no say

    • Agreed. It infuriates me that we can do virtually nothing about it though.

    • Yup they control almost every country minus cuba and anothe one.

      Before 9/11 they didn't have their system set up in middle eastern countries like afghan, libya and two others. Look what happened there since? They destroyed the place and set up shop

      Usa bails them out with a stimulus packaged while ice lands arrests the bankers and forgives debt for almost a third of the country

      It's out of control

  • Ever seen roller ball? Give us 20 years with this system and it will be reality.