True or false... are most police officers those looking to be the badman?

read up on the Napoleon complex... this may explain why there are so many black police killings in the USA.

they look for the socially weakest people (or on the bottom rung) and try and bully/harass them a lot to make themselves look cool.


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  • You know, there's been a lot of focus on the police of late (for unfortunate reasons), but I take sort of an outsider's view on it because I feel it's an issue that "you people" need to work out between each other.

    But that said, being an outsider, I feel that the core of the problem is actually missed. The problem isn't about race, it's about class. If you simply required Bachelors degrees for all police officers, this particular problem would go away. Instead, it's a blue collar job taken up by high school graduates who never planned to go to college. The blue collar world is completely different. For example, how much does a plumber, electrician, carpet cleaner or contractor charge to do a particular job? The answer? It depends on what they think that they can get out of you at that particular time. They size you up, decide if they have to charge you the $120 advertised price or if they can get you to accept some weird argument as to why this particular job would cost $280.

    But of course, there's a trade off as well. A kid who went to college has some expectations on what life should provide and they probably won't be so quick to bust down a door to end a hostage situation. This is why in India (where the police are more educated members of society), you never see such actions. They wait until the dust settles (i. e. the kidnapper kills himself and maybe the hostages) and then clean up the mess. In the end, I don't know the best answer but whatever it is, it's going to be a trade off...

    • well india is rife with violence, and police brutality. somebody of your age should see reality, not what he wants to see.

    • See, that's not true. India is not rife with police brutality, but it's not because Indian police are more ethical. India runs on bribes for virtually everything in the government. Need your license renewed? The clerk is going to expect a bribe. An officer pulls you over for speeding? They're actually stopping you to get a bribe, not to write you a ticket. No one in the police will actually work to do anything unless a bribe is paid or there is some sort of external pressure. In India, almost nothing is prosecuted because the police will never do anything. People get away with violence (the support agents I manage have talked about mini-riots on a couple occasions) because it's not like the police are going to come in and stop it.

  • There are so many black killings because black men shoot each other. Cops are more likely to be shot by black men. The black men that get shot by police are usually armed or attacking the police. Fact is that 1in3 black mrn in America are violent criminals. These are problems the black community as a whole need to solve instead of burning down black businesses when a thug get shot in a justifiable homicide.