Thoughts about Ducks' mating habits?

Ducks are perhaps the ultimate example of what actually happens when you get a proper battle between the sexes, taken to its logical conclusion through the development of societal values, natural selection and evolution. So, what are your thoughts about ducks' sexual habits, and their sexual arms race- between the explosive, corkscrew barbed harpoon penises up to three times longer than their own bodies which the males possess, and which they discard every year to grow new longer ones depending on how much competition they have, and the labyrinthine, maze-like vaginas possessed by the females, which cockscrew in the opposite direction to the males' penises, and have multiple dead ends and reverse turns, and which are themselves more than twice as deep as the length of their own bodies? And do you see ducks as a warning of what the increasingly intense levels of open sexual hostility between the male and female genders could eventually lead to for our own species, if left unchecked?

Quack quack? Looking for responses, but I'm not even getting echoes...
Last quack. Anybody?


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  • Yes due to feminism and MGTOW women will grow more vagina holes and our dick will fall off every year to grow a longer one.

    • Well, it was meant to be metaphorical, not literal- as in males having to get increasingly aggressive, rough and domineering to stand a chance, and women increasingly throwing up more and more conjured dead-ends, false turns and nonsensical tests to force all but the most aggressive domineering players to give up or get cuckolded. Not that womens' vaginas aren't getting increasingly deeper and looser than ever before, and that men's penises are now longer and thicker than they've ever been- indeed, disproportionately more so than any other species of primate to have ever evolved. And still, increasing numbers of women are still saying that no penis can ever be big enough, long enough or thick enough for them. Will GM be the only way?

    • Actually you can just fist em.

    • But fisting doesn't make babies. We need vaginal penetrative intercourse to make babies. Otherwise, there's no longer any point of them procreating with us at all- they can fist themselves, they can use dildos bigger and thicker than babies' heads, they can artificially inseminate themselves. The only way for us men not to become completely redundant sexually would be by becoming more aggressive, forceful and domineering and/or crafty, increasingly imposing ourselves upon females or conniving our way in regardless of whether they want it or not. Just like male ducks had to with female ducks. How else can mankind and masculinity survive?

  • I guess the male ducks will just have to get more confident. ;)

    • They have. That's why literally all male ducks have to forcibly rape female ducks to stand a chance of passing on their genes, have barbed spines built into their penises so that the females can't dislodge them no matter what, and discard their penises at the end of each mating season so that they can grow increasingly bigger and longer new ones to keep up with the arms race for the next year.