Obsessed with books? Am I weird?

I buy like 20 books a month. I love them! And I believe that books have feelings. If I take longer reading one, I'm sad that the other ones waiting on the shelf will feel upset. Lol I'm not even kidding.

I particularly like horror and crime novels. I never let anyone touch my book collection unless it's someone who likes the same books as me.

I can talk on and on about my favorite books with that someone.

Am I crazy? Would any guy date me?

  • You are weird. I wouldn't date you.
  • You are fine. I would date you.
  • You are weird and I would still date you.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Lol whenever I read a book I feel like the author is telepathically speaking to me.

    • Am I right or am I right? Get this. I read a book, then later... I spontaneously run into the author at a later date. Keep reading!!!

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  • Sounds fine - I know a lot of people who love books


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