Narcissistic vs sociopath?

aren't those the same meaning? Or what's the difference?


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  • Not at all.
    A narcissistic thinks everything is about them. Often afflicted with what is known as the 'god delusion', they think they do and know everything best, and are not shy about letting others be made aware of that either.

    Sociopaths are not so much concerned with themselves being superior or anything, but simply have tendencies which show that they lack the sympathy and caring for other people's well-being that is basically innate in non-sociopaths. A lot of sociopaths will completely look past social norms that are beneficial to others like giving their seat on the bus up to elderly people because they simply don't care.

    • Gotcha. Yea I've heard of no remorse, no empathy In terms of scicopath.

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    • So if they are mental disorders, can you fix them?

    • fix them as in cure them completely? No.
      They are both treatable on a symptomatic basis, though.

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  • a narcissist has hyper inflated sense of ego. so they are obsessed with themselves

    a sociopath has extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience

    both are considered mental disorders. often times you'll hear a person described as having both. but they are separate and distinct disorders

  • sociopaths are antisocial
    whereas narcissists can be social