What does it mean to dream you fall madly in love with somebody to wake up 30 minutes later with no feelings for them at all?

I used to like a guy in my class, not only because he was very good looking and smart but also because he had an amazing personality and was super classy.

I came to the conclusion after a certain degree of rejection from him and the fact that I realized he looked like a hockey player that I no longer liked him - AT ALL.

Then I wake up to a very serious dream about him where I am holding his hand and fall madly in love with him and in my dream he was holding my left hand and his hand was extremely warm - almost uncomfortably warm - but not hot.

What do you think this means?


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  • Don't believe that dreams are real. Only a few great thinkers can connect their dream situations to their reality. One of them was Albert Einstein. He used to dream to get good ideas. But immediately after getting a good dream he used to wake up and record the content of his dream and analyse it later. Normal people like you and me cannot do it. We forget what we dream about. In your case you are dreaming something that is not a reality. So that dream is of no use to you in your real life.


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  • Dreams don't really mean much


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