HELP ! which country should I travel to?

So I'm planning on travelling for a month
I want to go somewhere where I can have fun and isn't too expensive
I'm not so crazy about monuments and so on , I just wanna go somewhere cool with a decent night life
and here are the options
Europe :

-sri lanka


south America:

  • Romania
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  • China
    Vote B
  • Brazil
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  • Sri Lanka
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  • Morroco
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  • another one from your list, I'm gonna specify
    Vote F
  • who cares, show me the god damn answers
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  • Brazil seems like a good choice but you will need to know Portuguese or be with someone that does to really get out there


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  • Italy! I recommend you to go to Italy. You would like it: perfect food, very beautiful places, good climate, people are friendly. I've been to Italy more than 3 times and wanna go more. Only money can stop me, but last time I used free living: and it was great. It's service for hospitality like couchsurfing. You can try something like that, that's can save your money.

    • Italy is cool
      but I heard it's not safe and there's not much of a night life

    • it's 100% safe, and what night life do you want? in rome there is an amazing night life! all big squares are full of young people, there is very easy to find a new connection.

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  • Do you seriously want to visit Romania out of all other possibilities out there? 😂

    • yeah why not?
      it's even on my top list :D
      is it bad?

    • I don't find it appealing, maybe because I live here and have to face this country's government's decision. :-?

    • oh I see :D
      I feel the same way about my country
      though may I ask you, as a tourist , what things can I do in Romania to enjoy my time and have a pleasant stay

  • Bali seems nice