Any embarrassing childhood stories to tell?

It can be something from adulthood or recent too, here's one of mine.

In elementary school it was almost recess time, but i had to go to the bathroom so bad and i told my teacher, basically she was being a bitch about it, saying that i could wait until recess. I remember telling her twice that i needed to go -_- I couldn't hold it and so i peed myself while i was in my little desk and it was at that point that everyone was getting up to go outside and i just stayed at my desk and started crying from humiliation, i remember everyone staring at me, there was pee on the floor and everything (ew lol). They called my mom to bring me another pair of pants lol. I will never forgive that evil teacher >:(


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  • I naively stole some bananas from the grocery store. I was too stupid to understand.

    • I remember basically stealing one of those little toy phones when I was little, my mom told me no and so I just took it, the store had those detector things but nothing ever happened

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    • Thanks very much for MHGO.

    • you're welcome.

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  • i once had my periods on my pants and chair... and girls behind me laughed


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  • It's surprising that same thing happen to me as a kid.
    Was the teacher a skinny lady

    • lol yeah, she was skinny black lady

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