10 Questions I've always wanted to ask. Finally no GAG virgin anymore?

1. Do you like Turkey?
2. Boobs or butts?
3. Does (s) he like me?
4. How do I look?
5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut?
6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay?
7. Where are you from?
8. Who's your GAG crush?
9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small?
10. Trump or Clinton?

Now my life feels complete.

Would be nice if you answer them :P
yeah I know :P


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  • 1. Do you like Turkey?
    I'm indifferent on the country. The food... now that's tasty.

    2. Boobs or butts?
    Both of mine are fantastic. :P

    3. Does (s) he like me?

    4. How do I look?
    Haaaaawt. ;)

    5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut?
    Definitely a slut. #sorrynotsorry

    6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay?
    Only if you want another dick up your butt.

    7. Where are you from?
    The most hated place in the world.

    8. Who's your GAG crush?
    Come on, everyone knows it's @RJGraveyTrain, @CHARismatic110, and @mooky06 by now.

    9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small?
    Anything under 10 inches is small as fuck.

    10. Trump or Clinton?


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  • 1. Turkey the country? Not particularly. Though they do have some good trap music, much to my surprise.
    Turkey as in food? Eh. I'm indifferent to it. I prefer the stuffing. :P
    2. uhh.. well. Probably boobs? Then again, I'm probably pretty biased as for as long as I can remember, I've had boobs that always managed to draw positive attention.
    3. If (s) he smiled at you then looked away and at the floor almost immediately after making eye contact, then yes. I guarantee that (s) he likes you and wants your d.
    4. Like a fine piece of man-meat.
    5. ... I'm just gonna back away slowly and pretend that this never happened.
    6. You used the words 'dick' and 'I like' in the same sentence so yes,. Stop repressing your true gender-preference.
    7. I'm from Canada. Ethnically-speaking, from Poland.
    8. ^
    9. I can't answer that until I'm able to do some further inspection on the size of the canyon.
    10. I'm not really following the actual platforms of either but if I'm going to base my opinion purely off of what I hear/read in the media- Clinton by process of elimination.

    • Lol what the hell is that music u shared? Its Arabic not Turkish, read some books or sumthin'.

      These are Turkish trap musics actually.


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  • 1: the food one is good..
    2: My boobs are much better in my opinion.. but I've been told they're both awesome.. :P
    3: you're awesome.. anyone can like you
    4: You look great :D
    5: yes you're a man slut.. embrace your sluttiness
    6: yes.. and if you touch a girl's pussy it makes you lesbian..
    7: I'm from Mars
    8: @GirlsAskGuys is my GaG crush..
    9: maybe the girl you're screwing is too deep and wide.. :D
    10: Clinton.. because I'm not insane..

  • 1. Turkey tastes good πŸ™‚
    2. How is this even a question?
    3. Eh? Come again?
    4. Very European πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
    5. Geez! Close your legs Yumix! 😠
    6. Yes it does, but that's okay, as long as you don't stick that thing elsewhere. πŸ™‚
    7. Schweden
    8. Ahaha only he knows who he is πŸ˜›β€οΈ
    9. Pls just. Close your legs 😷
    10. Ew 😷

    • "2. How is this even a question?"
      I don't know, I'm an ass guy :P
      well chosen gif :D

  • 1. My opinion of Turkey is neutral.
    2. I don't get why people like butts, I poo from my butt, that's kinda gross. I don't like boobs either.
    3. She likes you.
    4. 9/10
    5. Yes you're a slut! You hoe bag! πŸ˜›
    6. I guess it could make you happy πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚
    7. New Zealand
    8. That's classified
    9. Nope
    10. Clinton

  • I prefer shrimp, but I'll take turkey over pork anyway... unless you mean the country then it's still a yes haha.
    Both, what's one w/out the other.
    Ummm, probably not lol I'll be honest.
    *Bruno Mars voice* You make a dragon wanna retire manπŸŒ‹πŸ”₯
    I'm almost 25 and one, does that make me prudeπŸ˜‚
    I love tickling my kitty, that's life. Touch it some more.
    Originally my mom's vag, other than that The States/ mid west section.
    πŸ˜…πŸ˜ um... a guy lol who I refuse to name.
    Try the back door next timeπŸ˜‰
    Michelle Obama or RuPaul, preferably DEEZ NUTZ
    Ohhh it jas just begun pal!

  • 1. Did I loose my virginity if the tip was only in?
    2. If I masterbate will I get pregnant?
    3. Is Nelseon a drug addict and does Rachel love him?
    4. Am I a slut if I secretly love my sisters boyfriend?
    5. Should I hire a prostitute to take my virginity?
    6. This girl looked at me during class... is she in love with me?
    7. How to tell this girl on gag I love her and I'm going to stalk her?
    8. Are woman gold diggers?
    9. Why are all men players?
    10. Are tights sexy?

  • 1. Yes. Dark Meat <3

    2. Both

    3. No. He'll never like you

    4. *Giggles* Very cute

    5. Of course

    6. If I touch it, does it make ME gay?

    7. My momma

    8. Don't have one

    9. You're a tease!

    10. NEITHER.

    • "6. If I touch it, does it make ME gay?"

      nope, it makes you my hero lol :P

    • Hahaha, the question now is "will she touch it". :P

  • 1. You mean the food right? Yeah, it's delicious ;)
    2. Mmmmm~ that booty tho! πŸ‘
    3. Yeah and he looks great!
    4. You look great man! πŸ˜„ No complaints
    5. You're the biggest slut ever!! 😏
    6. Nah you like like to fap. Nothing wrong with that aye.
    7. 'Murcia! Fuck ya! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    8. That information is classified :)
    9. Nope. :)
    10. Neither.

  • It's funny how accurate this is :D

    1. Turkeys are great, I especially enjoy them in sandwiches.
    2. Butts all the way!
    3. She definitely likes you, go getter!
    4. You look great, I rate 8/8.
    5. Yes you're definitely a slut omg, you're only allowed to have sex after you get married and have 5 kids.
    6. Masturbation is gay. You're gonna go to hell twice.
    7. I'm czech ^-^
    8. Just no.
    9. Your dinky is definitely too small unless it comes outta her mouth when you're balls deep.
    10. Stein.

  • 1. Do you like Turkey?
    Only with gravy or cranberry sauce.

    2. Boobs or butts?

    3. Does (s) he like me?
    OMG! I bet he does! :p

    4. How do I look?

    5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut?
    Dude, you're such a slut!

    6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay?

    7. Where are you from?

    8. Who's your GAG crush?
    no one. crushing on profile pics of people you'll most likely never meet is stupid.

    9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small?
    Plead the 5th.

    10. Trump or Clinton?

  • 1. Do you like Turkey? Love it
    2. Boobs or butts? Boobs
    3. Does (s) he like me? Probably not
    4. How do I look? You look hood babr
    5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut? Congratulations? No you're not a slut lolol
    6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay? It makes you a man
    7. Where are you from? USA
    8. Who's your GAG crush? @suitandtie
    9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small? Um no
    10. Trump or Clinton? Neither

  • 1. The bird, yes
    2. I love a mans ass to grab
    3. I don't know
    4. good
    5. nope
    6. no just weird
    7. usa
    8. I don't have one.
    9. no
    10. nobody

  • 1. i do love me some turkey slices
    2. butts
    3. if she ever said hi to you she is secretly in love
    4. it's the inside that matters son
    5. yes
    6. not if you scream violently ''NO HOMO''
    7. africa
    8. you yumix teehee
    9. i mean, have you thought of surgery?
    10. moving to Canada

  • 1: If you mean the bird, then yes. The country, then I don't know. Turkey sounds like an interesting place to put on my list of places to go.
    2: I love my boobs.
    3: Who is the he?
    4: You look good dude. 😎
    5: How on earth does that make you a slut... πŸ˜†
    6: How does that make you gay... πŸ˜†
    7: I am form West Africa, but I live in the U. S. A, at the moment.
    8: You really wanna know? ☺
    9: Hahahaha... lolzzzz πŸ˜†
    10: I don't like either of them. πŸ˜…πŸ˜Š

    • 8. of course ;P

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    • I am not biased.

      🎢 I just love me. I love me. πŸ’ πŸ’• πŸ’• 🎢
      *doing my happy dance* πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ πŸ’ƒ

  • LOL!!!
    Got em!!!

    • 1. Never been there, don't care to ever go there.
      2. Booty plz!!! Yummie!
      3. Yes, she likes u. Ur eye candy, its hard not to.
      4. Sexy as FUCK
      5. It makes u experienced, not slutty;)
      6. Lol!!! Totally gay.
      7. California baby!!!
      8. @Yumix.
      9. Hmmm that's a toughie... as long as it looks good and u kno hoe to use it, ur good...
      10. FML

    • hahha... I like those answers ^_^

  • 1. No
    2. You know that answer already
    3. She blinked in your direction, she's clearly in love
    4. Hawt AF
    5. Totally
    6. For sure
    7. Jupiter
    8. You
    9. Miniature
    10. #FeelTheBern

  • nah I have more questions
    would you date me
    post your selfie
    how can I be alpha
    why all girls are sluts
    why are all guys assholes

  • 1. Yes with sauce if not I find it too dry xP
    2. Boobs except mine :P
    3. Yesss and I'm happy about it!
    4. You look great :)
    5. No
    6. Not at all
    7. From Quebec in Canadaaa
    8. No one
    9. Wait what? I don't know
    10. Clinton

  • 1.) I like the animal, yes.
    2.) NA
    3.) I don't know.
    4.) Fine.
    5.) Of course it does.
    6.) Yes, duh.
    7.) Earth.
    8.) NA
    9.) NA
    10.) Stein.

  • 1. Yes
    2. I have both though
    3. I don't know do they?
    4. You look 25
    5. Yes you a hoe
    6. Hella
    7. Canada but I'm brown
    8. @me
    9. Hella
    10. Lol I'm Canadian so Trudeau all day everyday

  • 1. No
    2. Boobs
    3. No
    4. Ok
    5. Yep
    6. Yep
    7. Usa
    8. Don't have one. I talk to people in person
    9. No
    10. Neither. I voted 3rd party. Be the change you wish to see

  • 1. Yes
    2. butts
    3. Have asked that, lol
    4. Asked that also
    5. Never asked that, lol
    6. No, it doesn't
    7. De, USA
    8. Haha, not sayyiiinnnggg
    9. Whhaaatttt?
    10. I don't care for either but Trump is better

  • I'll let you know later. I need to procrastinate dsomeone more

  • GaG in a nutshel. XD
    But you forgot "I am prettier than her, right?". :))

    • and alpha, and horny, and race stuff, and a bazillion others... there is enough to make 3 questions like this :P

  • 1. No, I don't
    2. Butts
    3. No, of course not
    4. Good
    5. Obviously
    6. See answer 5
    7. πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄
    8. 😢
    9. Yup
    10. Uhm... yeah...

  • Lmfao I asked some of them tho..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • yeah I know... oops put it in the update xD

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    • Well I'll answer then
      1. I love it
      2. Butt 4life
      3. He likes you no worries
      4. You look hnnnng
      5. You're a full slut
      6. No that's gay only if a female touches her's
      7. I'm from Albania the land of eagle
      8. @Chico_brah 4life who earfucks me every night
      9. 2.3 inches ask Tony the tiny
      10. Neither they're both motherfuckers

    • thakns... well chosen :P

What Guys Said 24

  • 0|3
    • Either way:
      1. Do you like Turkey?

      2. Boobs or butts?

      3. Does (s) he like me?
      ur mum? Nah brah

      4. How do I look?
      First to the left, then to the right. Then you can cross the street.

      5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut?
      I'm sorry, but yes.

      6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay?
      So long as you don't put it in your mouth, no.

      7. Where are you from?
      The Baltic coast.

      8. Who's your GAG crush?
      @MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah (full homo)

      9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small?

      10. Trump or Clinton?
      Deez nuts.

    • 4. you saved my life <3

  • 1. Yes, especially leftover sandwiches.
    2. Butt.. is more important.
    3? doens't compute... need more details/context.
    4. Not bad... I'm not into dudes.. so I'm not the best to ask;-P
    5. No... not unless you hooked up with multiple people on first dates.
    6. No... unless you are fantasizing about other dudes
    7. NJ, USA
    8. I think she knows who she is, LOL
    9. LOL, not too big is just as bad as too small. Girth is more important than length. If your 5<7" L and 4.5<5.5" in girth your perfect.
    10. I want trump... BUT, Clinton is going to win because there are too many STUPID people in the USA. Trump = change and He WILL help the economy. Clinton is a puppet for big corporations and nothing will change in a positive way... I think things will only get worse with her... too big of a liar to be a good president.

  • 1. Do you like Turkey?
    The country or the food?
    2. Boobs or butts?
    Both? but if i had to choose, butts.
    3. Does (s) he like me?
    4. How do I look?
    5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut?
    No, but congrats i guess, hope your sister did you well :)
    6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay?
    7. Where are you from?
    8. Who's your GAG crush?
    No one,
    9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small?
    Most definitely
    10. Trump or Clinton?
    Meteor 2k16

  • 1) Obv..
    2) Both bruv.
    3) He hates you
    4) You look good bruv. No homo
    5) Complete sloot
    6) Just say no homo
    7) I'm from cali
    8) Gag crush's are cringe
    9) 2.3 inches is the way to be
    10) Trump 2k16

  • Now I have to answer them so my life can feel complete too:

    1. I have nothing against it, but I've never been there to like it
    2. Boobs
    3. Yes, he likes you xD
    4. Just a normal dude, I think a girl can answer it more accurately.
    5. No, you're not a slut, don't worry
    6. No, just bi curious
    7. I grew up in Brazil but was born in Andromeda
    8. I wanna keep it in secret, sorry
    9. Yes, it's small
    10. Neither, I'll invade the US with my alien friends and make a throne for myself.

  • 1. I hate Turkey because of GAG. The turks keep asking that question over and over again.
    2. I like boobs more
    3. Everyone likes you. I like you so much! I know you'll never piss me off.
    4. You look great
    5. It doesn't make you a slut. You are just fine.
    6. Nope it doesn't make you gay. Almost every guy does that.
    7. I'm from America
    8. I have a man crush on you for now #nohomo
    9. Nope.
    10. Clinton.

  • 1. Do you like Turkey? Yes
    2. Boobs or butts? Yes
    3. Does (s) he like me? No
    4. How do I look? No
    5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut? Yes
    6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay? Yes
    7. Where are you from? No
    8. Who's your GAG crush? Yes
    9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small? Yes
    10. Trump or Clinton? No

  • 1. Fo' sure bruh.. fo' sure 😎
    2. Butts
    3. She wants your D bruh.
    4. You are cool man, a beard would suit you.
    5. Yeah it makes u a slut.
    6. Ya.. just avoid touching your dick like I do. I don't touch it since I was born 😎
    7. TURKIYE
    8. Having crush over internet is for weak foo's
    9. Its micro.
    10. Trump is the man.

  • 1. Indifferent
    2. Both in moderation
    3. Yes
    4. Like a male model
    5. Yes
    6. Yes
    7. East Coast USA
    8. N/A
    9. Yes
    10. Both

  • You should go celebrate it. s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...53fd4117b5.jpg

    1) I rather conquer Turkey okay?
    2) Well butts are clearly the winner yo.
    3) You are so cool man.
    4) Ugly.
    5) Yes.
    6) Obviously.
    7) Island of Manhattan.
    8) I have zero crushes dude.
    9) Viagra can actually improve your short penis.
    10) Donaldolf Trumpler.

    Enjoy your responses.

  • 1. meat yeah, country maybe, animal f no
    2. Butt man!
    3. Does she/he like me? H2IK
    4. I have a twisted face
    5. I'd say yes just than so we could be the slut buddies United!
    6. I touch mine ever time I pee and fap. You could be
    7. USA πŸ˜’
    8. Don't have one
    9. Lube me up Scotty!
    10. Fuck neither!
    11. Oops

  • Do you like Turkey? yes
    2. Boobs or butts? Boobs
    3. Does (s) he like me? probably yes
    4. How do I look? you look awesome man #nohomo
    5. I'm 28 and no virgin, does this make me a slut? haha naah
    6. I like touching my own dick, does this make me gay? lol no
    7. Where are you from? im from pakistan
    8. Who's your GAG crush? dont have any
    9. I don't have to stop half way in, is my schlong too small? maybe, lol
    10. Trump or Clinton? neither.

    2. Bums please
    3. That's a cold hard maybe
    4. Pretty darn diddly
    5. Hell yes
    6. Only if she says you maybe lije u wanna have it y'lnow
    7. America home of the potato no lie
    8. Confidential information
    9. You can't always get what you want, tiger
    10. Homebody Joe Exotic all the way m8's

  • 1. neutral
    2. boobs
    3. sometimes
    4. with yer eyes
    5. nope
    6. um, what? lol
    7. Canada
    8. don't have one
    9. nah, she's too big
    10. s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...7d5a7db7c2.jpg

  • 1. No too dry
    2. Butts
    3. Does who like who? I think you are a cool guy
    4. You look like a dude
    5. Yes you are a slut, disgusting pig... Jk
    6. Nope not gay
    7. I am from a little town right outside NYC
    8. She is everyones gag crush lol
    9. Nah dude, girls like a guy who can go balls deep
    10. Trump

  • 1. The bird yes, the country often no
    2. boobs
    3. Yes
    4. solid for your age πŸ‘
    5. Nah
    6. Then I'm gay
    7. Massachusetts
    8. It changes but right now @EllissaDido
    9. I do
    10. Clinton

  • You invited me to this 3 days ago. I'm gonna procrastinate a little more.😜

  • You should have added "Rate me 10/10" to that fourth question :p


  • I had sperm on my underwear.

    Could I be pregnant?

    • Should I lose my virginity?
      Did I lose my virginity?
      Is it worth to lose my virginity?
      Should I pay an escort to lose my virginity?
      Can I know if she's a virgin?
      More questions here about virginity here than on a Muslim forum.

  • Now what will 95% of this site ask?

    • How alpha am I?
      Are you horny?
      Why do all men cheat?
      Why does no one like black women?

      Don't worry dude... there is enough left

    • Damn, son! You on point today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 1. Yes
    2. Boobs
    3. Ask him
    4. Like a man
    5. You're good bro
    6. Maybe bi-curous...
    7. UK
    8. SunsetLover and Whaaaa
    9. Probably
    10. Oprah

  • 1- i like ham better
    2 butts
    7 heaven

  • trump or clinton is my favorite question.

  • lolz would have been perfect but you forgot about the feminism.

    • feminism, race, horny, etc...

      I'm sure there are enough for another 10 questions :P