Do you understand what I said to him, (about wanting to hang out so we could talk, but not wanting to talk if he didn't wan to hang out) ?

I asked this guy twice if he wants to hang out ( I want to apologize for some stuff from before. Just miscommunication where he felt rejected, where i just was not ready for a relationship but i did not explain it.)

"He started off confused then got annoyed. Today -annoyed- he asked what I want. I told him very calmly , friendly, honestly.

"Well, originally I asked you if you wanted to hang out because I wanted to be alone so we could talk alone. I just thought hanging out first would make it more friendly. I didn't want you to feel like it was something bad when I just want to explain things. But, you seem pretty annoyed. Honestly the idea of trying to explain myself -which is hard enough- to someone who is annoyed with the idea of hanging out with me, is not appealing. I just wouldn't be comfortable. I'd feel like you thought you were doing me some kind of favor , or were bored , or didn't want to be there... so its best we forget it."

He looked disappointed, so i added :

" We can do this. IF you for whatever reason decide you feel like hanging out, let me now, and then we can 'talk'. (I smiled) See you later."

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  • I understood it but did he understand any of it? If he is disappointed and confused it might push him away.

    • yeah, basically not 'sure' if he did, which is why i was asking here.

      not sure what to do bc technically i already made a move. but i think he's confused. like in the way it just feels safer to be confused than do anything that would feel like putting yourself out there-again.

      but since i already did something myself i think ill just have to wait it out and hope with time when he's calmed down hell get it. i respect it if he decodes he doesn't want to hear me out,. id just hate for it to be out of misunderstanding. I don't know it seems every time i try to communicate i make it worse.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

      I think you did good breaking it down for him and at least you told him and explained it to him. He either will get it or he won't. He may not like it but at least you told him.

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