3 suitcases containing 30 million dollars in each suitcase in 3 cages. Which cage would you choose to go into?

The cages are 20 feet long and the money's at the end of the cage and you can't take nothing into the cage with you or use any type of other means to get the money without entering the cage. After you get the money axel grease with be sprayed towards the last 3 feet of the cage

First cage has 5 Sun Bears with their cubs in it and the suitcase is right by the cubs.

Second cage has 6 wolves in it and the suitcase is right behind them.

Third Cage has a Tiger in it and the suitcase is right behind it.
Here's more info on Sun Bears (play video and skip to 4:29)

Bonus cage 4 a Gorilla with her cubs and the suitcase is right next to the cubs
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  • I've fought those families of animals, and have killed them. The key is to be able to outsmart them.

    • How would you do that?

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  • Wolves are way more scared of us than the other way. If the tiger isn't hungry it woudnt be a problem either.

    • Why not the Sun Bears?

    • I've been between bears and their cubs before, not somewhere you want to be.

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  • Lol Everything next to the cubs huh

    Ill take the sun bears

  • I would choose cage 2. I would pet the wolves and take them home with me. Wolves are so cool.

    • Lol ok. Why not the other cages?

    • I've already petted a tiger, and I don't trust bears. Have you ever looked them in the eye before when at a zoo? I get the feeling that they are naturally hostile and wanting to kill all the time when I look at them. I've never cared for gorillas.
      The tiger would be a cool pet, but his claws might shred my furniture if he was my house cat. :) The wolves I could just feed them dog food. most dogs are descended from wolves anyways.

  • I would be pissing off the animals where other people enter

    • Which one would you choose?