Is this because of low self esteem? Getting male attention?

I hung out with a friend today and we both noticed I was getting some male attention. It made me feel good but I didn't brag about it or anything when my friends pointed it out. I don't know why but I feel like I need to get some sort of male attention whenever I go out to feel good about myself. Is that just because I have a low self esteem or maybe it was because I actually got ready today? I dont know but does anyone else feel this way?


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  • It's natural to enjoy attention from the opposite sex, who doesn't have their day improved when a pretty girl/boy smiles and eyes them up a little? But if you actually NEED it to feel good rather than simply better then that's a sign of low self-esteem.


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  • It could be low self esteem, but it's also partially just that we like when people give us positive attention. I mean, if you get up and go out, you can go all day without anyone saying anything, and that's Ok it was just a regular day. But if you go out and get compliments and you notice people noticing you. It feels nice to know other people notice you. Even people with good self esteem like compliments. So you need to look inside you to know if your self esteem is low. It's all up to you hun


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  • It's because the media and society teaches most women they should feel that way.