Liberals, can you name three Democrat policies that offer MORE choices to the American people on how to live their lives?


The Democrats claim to be the party of freedom, well if that's true then all or most of their policies should offer the people MORE choices on how to live their lives, not less.

So let's hear some of those policies, other than who you can marry and if you can abort a pregnancy or not.

Here, let me start you off with some examples of liberal policies NOT offering more choices:

1. Free speech.
2. Gun ownership.
3. What you can eat or drink.
4. What kind of vehicle you can drive.
5. Whether you can vote or not.
6. Whether you can join a Union or not.
7. What kind of container your water can be in.
8. What material your grocery bags can be made of.
9. Where, when and how you receive your healthcare and what doctor you can use.
10. Who employers can hire for a job.

Aaaaaand, go!


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  • How do we stop free speech?

    1. Freedom to not have your water contaminated.
    2. Freedom to vote
    3. Freedom to actually have health care, even if you cannot afford it.
    4. Freedom to use marijuana
    5. Freedom to actually have a chance to get hired for a job without your boss having the power to fire or not hire just because you're a woman or minority or gay.
    6. Freedom to adopt regardless of sexual orientation.
    7. Freedom to not have companies and bosses fuck you over (thanik Unions for that)
    8. Freedom to have a minimum livable wage because lord knows that most companies care more about profits than people
    9. Freedom to access to more affordable food for impoverished communities (look up food desserts)
    10. Freedom to keep the most vulnerable off the streets. Vets, old people, mental illness, children etc.

    • 1. You don't "choose" to have clean water or not, companies simply get fined if they happen to cause a problem.
      2. False, Obama supports a legal mandate to vote.
      3. False, Obamacare legally requires all Americans to have health insurance.
      4. We have a winner, need two more.
      5. False, affirmative action limits employers choices in who they can hire.
      6. This option already exists.
      7. You don't "choose" to get screwed over by your employer.
      8. You don't "choose" your wage, you negotiate it.
      9. Also not a choice, though Republicans are more charitable than Democrats.
      10. Not a choice, but Democrats typically oppose aid to veterans.

      So you've got one, need two more.

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    • 13. How is it a choice that victims get justice for being raped? Ever since it was made illegal to rape people this has been the case, and it's been illegal to rape people in the western world for a very long time.

      "Rights of plastic bags" this is utter foolishness, I stated that example because it demonstrates the extreme lengths Democrats will go to to limit the choices Americans can make in their day to day lives.

    • And all that stuff you "countered" was your own shit lol

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  • How about Free speech, Privacy from the government, Economic freedom (as in having enough finances to live and pursue free-time activities), Freedom from being forced into a financial or employment for the sake of gaining healthcare, Freedom to vote PERIOD, Freedom of education, Human and national rights regardless of ethnicity or ideology, Right to housing, Women's rights, Rights of Native Americans, Care and protection of Veterans, Right to medicine, Rights for disabled people, Right not to be poisoned by pollution. Perhaps I should go on but its truly too much to list.

    • Freedom to FORCE tax payers (people who work) to pay for the Healthcare of people who refuse to get a job and do not contribute to society. Oh and if you don't get it we will fine you for not having it by the way! LIBERALS IDEA OF FREEDOM

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    • moved into a better spot, and a better spot, because I wanted more money! I wanted to be the best! You are talking about no incentive to want anything more. I just looked up some stuff about socialism for the first time ever and it was funny because with no real knowledge I hit the nail on the head. NO INCENTIVE = failure! It's just funny I have no formal education about this and with common sense, low and behold, I say the same thing a major article says is the main issue with socialism in the first link I pick. My question to you now is how do you justify socialism you can say equality but equality is about fairness and socialism is not fair it's just socialism

    • @Sillysucker You speak like capitalism is itself perfect and has no major flaws what so ever which is interesting as we near another economic crash. But that is besides the point really since most economists and experts agree that a mixed system is currently the best example we got. The only real question is what we mix and how much of each.

      You are correct that I have never known "hard work" because I went straight from being an unemployed lazy bum to starting my own company. I mean its not rocket science and there are plenty of resources to guide people through the process so everyone can easily take a shoot at it as I did.

      But again my incentive is not money like you. If I wanted money then honestly getting a job or starting my current business is not the best option. I would probably jump into the American finance system and play the markets and try get into the corruption there because they make some really good money. Anyway incentive does not necessarily mean money.

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  • I've voted Democrat (and sometimes Independent) for years and I've never, ever heard it referred to as the "freedom" party.

    Democrats tend to focus more on progressive issues like climate change, socially-progressive rights, gender equality (particularly in the workplace), and more moderation on international pursuits (i. e. wars) relative to domestic pursuits (i. e. increased funding for schools). (Not to say that Republicans don't focus on some of these things, this just doesn't tend to be how they advertise themselves when running for office.)

    Being Democratic is not about freedom as much as it is about enriching what the government has to offer the people. You could think of it like this: Democrats seek to build up the government to offer as much to citizens as possible, while Republicans seek to minimize the government so that they can build for themselves as much as possible. The focus is put in a different place, but if you really look at the issues, the amount of freedom is the same. It's just that Democrats seek to exercise their freedom through the government and Republicans seek to exercise their freedom outside the government.

    I personally prefer the Democratic method because it puts an intermediary between people and the execution of actions. I feel like the regulations that exist help to keep people from individually abusing power or gaining too much of an unfair sway or allocation of resources relative to other people. With that in mind, our freedom is actually left to other things. After all, if the government is created so as to take care of more social and community issues, there is less for each individual to do towards that end, freeing them up for other things. If there's any "freedom" aspect to the Democratic approach, I'd say that it's this.

  • 1. Pro choice
    2. Marriage equality
    3. Free speech (I don't think there's a lot of free speech at Trump rallies... unless the person is screaming in a protester's face or punching them and shoving) whereas Joe Biden and President Obama have been pretty chill about protesters and just want respect.

    • 1. I said besides abortion and gay marriage.

      2. I said besides abortion and gay marriage.

      3. Democrats want to limit free speech by outlawing "hate speech", thus limiting choices.

    • Jesus freaking Christ, I didn't see where you said that. Stop acting like a big child.
      Hate speech is often harassment and slander, those things are illegal. The question is where the line should be drawn.
      You want more, fine-recreational marijuana use and medical marijuana use. Also, are you the owner of a plastic factory? If not, why do you love plastic bags so much? Big picture, they aren't good for you or your descendants, wildlife and other people..

    • You're still 1-3.

  • 1) Freedom to marry whoever you want
    2) Make your own decisions with your own body
    3) Be an individual and express yourself however you please
    4) Unite as one in the most culterally diverse country in the world
    5) Freedom to vote, go to school, be a working mother, a working father, a stay at home mom, a stay at home dad, a cook, a teacher, a psychic, a social worker, a firefighter 😊😊

    • 1. I said besides gay marriage and abortion.
      2. I said besides gay marriage and abortion.
      3. False, they only support expressing yourself if they agree with your message, hence why people are having to electrify their Trump signs.
      4. False, this takes away the decision to choose NOT to be culturally diverse.
      5. False, Obama support mandatory voting, Democrats oppose choice in what school people can send their children to, feminists criticize stay at home mom's for being stuck in the past and criticize stay at home dad's for not providing for their wives, the rest are already available choices.

      0-3, try again.

    • Ok well i tried 😊 lol

  • this is depressing.

  • 1) Marijuana legalization

    2) The ability to pick your healthcare provider and not get denied for it because you have a preexisting condition

    3) The ability to practice whatever religion you want, and not have religion taught in public school

    • 1. So far the only established policy.

      2. Not a choice, people are losing choices of health insurance providers as well as doctors that actually take the insurance they choose, this is a limit of choices.

      3. A choice we already had, and the second part also eliminates choices.

    • "The ability to pick your healthcare provider and not get denied"

      That seems to not be true. I was just talking to a guy that's had trouble getting referred to an orthopedic surgeon that would accept his Medicaid insurance (med-cal here, we'll we actually have a more covered form of it in my very liberal county). It only costs him $1a month though. $3 next year lol. But yeah, certain doctors don't accept government insurance from my experience.

  • You brought this on yourself man. Get him.

    • Including yourself, there are eight Democrats on this thread that can't come up with TWO examples of their own polices that offer the people more choice in life, nevermind three.

      Litterally eight people can't come up with two examples between them of Democrat policies that give more freedom to the American people, that is hard evidence that the Democratic party opposes more freedom for the people.

  • Am independant, just reporting facts from our life in possum trot:

    Bill Clinton, Leo, hi-IQ years were our MOST prosperous EVER
    (compared to an avalanche of bankruptcies locally under Reagan)
    not saying Hillary's lower-IQ can pull this off, even with his help as partner

    Crime was hit in the head by high-IQ Kennedy,
    only for Camelot to fall when they/other hit him in the head in retaliation

    When we were all out of jobs, FDR provided them, resulting in spectacular benefits & epic builds still in force today. When the world was being bullied by dictators and persecuted, FDR lent a hand in overcoming evil. It is notable that few, if any, presidents have been so skilled on both these fronts... either they can fix our economy or negotiate a better world... or became simple stooges.

    • Well Kennedy and FDE were Republicans if you ask Democrats because they say the parties switched ideologies around the time Nixon was President.

      And Bill Clinton had a pretty right of center record, anti-crime, qnti-illegal immigration, pro-rated and pro-traditional marriage.

      Anyway, please answer the question.

  • I've never heard of the Democrat Party as being the "Party of Freedom". As far as I know the American Freedom Party is it's own party and it is far right leaning.. which is exactly what I would figure. The Conservative side is generally the party going on about freedoms.

    • You don't talk to many Democrats do you? All of them claim they are the party of freedom, this question is meant to disprove that claim.

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    • The sign stealers were taking signs that were well into the owners own property, and it was more than one sign that was stolen.

      People paid money for those signs, nobody has a right to steal them.

      And what about the keyed cars?

    • The keyed cars are wrong stealing is wrong... but putting glass or razor blades or electrifying signs or making tire spikes is absolutely next level insane! a lot of unstable people out there.

  • Freedom to walk or drive around without being stopped by the government for no reason (What "Stop & Frisk" permits) is a big one to me.

    For the record, I'm an independent who thinks both parties are infringing on our liberties.

    • Stop & Frisk is a Democrat policy.

      But even if Democrats were against it, that's only one, need two more.

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    • In the case of Trump, his positions that actually are right of center are considered high priority and resonate with the Republican base.

      Not too sure about Bush, was too young to pay much attention to that campaign, though I suspect the PATRIOT Act is the result of poor choices made in the heat of the moment. Now neither party wants to get rid of it.

    • @OP it's because he's employing the no true Scotsman fallacy

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  • Liberals desire greater social freedoms and less economic ones. Conservatives are essentially the opposite, desiring less economic freedoms but more social and moral regulations.

    Stop acting like one of those my-party-is-right-about-everything dolts.

  • What I've learn from this post: Liberals have reading comprehension problems xD

  • Someone made a joke on the radio about how the west coast voted to have to pay higher taxes on pretty much every prop but we're free to smoke dope and not wear condoms while doing porn. Lol it's true though.

  • Freedom to still have money left for nice things after you've seen a doctor for something minor...

    • Republican freedoms mostly only work when you're rich, that's the catch peoplealways seem to forget about...

    • This is not a choice.

      And everybody is paying A LOT more than they used to to go to the doctor in case you haven't noticed.

  • Wow really fair contest to exclude rights that are important and have a meaningful impact in people's lives like abortion rights and gay marriage.

    Because plastic grocery bags are such and important liberty that republicans are defending. lol. please dude. what a joke.

    But here's two that are more meaningful than plastic grocery bags.

    freedom to learn about real science in the science classroom rather than brainwashed by false religious dogma.

    freedom from being stopped and frisked, a policy struck down as unconstitutional that trump wants to re-institute.

    • Your first example is invalid, as Democrats oppose school choice for parents (wonder why?).

      Your second example is also invalid since stop and frisk was a Democrat policy, and Democrats kept choosing to keep the policy by voting for people who supported it, at least at the NYC level.

    • They don't, actually, but keep deluding yourself. He also didn't say freedom to choose schools, but freedoms to not have an outdated book taught to your children against their will

  • Isn't marijuana legalization huge right now. Isn't that a Democratic (free) thing to do?

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    • @Sillysucker That is what liberals do.. insult. call names

    • @Rissyanne you're one to talk. the hypocrisy is real

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