Girls, guys, if you could use a limousine for 24 hours free of charge, what plans would you make?

I'll start with my own: I've always been a very good and silent guy around girls, keeping me single until now.
So I think I'd try to drive the limo to a party and invite some ladies for a tour :D see what came out!

What would you do if you had the limo for 24 hours?


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  • I wouldn't have any use for one unless I was on holidays like Vegas.

    • Haha I can imagine... maybe I'll send you a bushplane that had the range you'll need to get to a nice spot to go out :D

    • Time to plan a holiday to Vegas, MH is all yours :D

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  • Invite all of my friends, make sure the liquor is fully stocked, and tell the driver to take us to Chicago!

    • Haha would you expect to make it safely back :o?
      I'm not from the USA but wouldn't Chicago be the place where you may get robbed if you catch the attention by arriving in a limousine?

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    • I see! Interesting to know that!

    • Your interesting explanation on Chicago brought the MH home :D

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  • I have no idea.

    • Take all your friends to some gaming club?
      I'm thinking in the direction of what you like doing... :D

    • Sadly majority of my friends are too busy with their own lives, I haven't heard from them in almost a year.

    • Yeah, but if you miss them maybe try to set the first step yourself... sometimes a nice smile and saying to people you miss them can do a lot :D
      I think it would do you good to mix up in the crowd, wouldn't it?

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