Is this girl intimidated of me or feels lesser around me?

She's fine when she's with her friends, but whenever we're alone and I pass by her, she hangs her head low walks with her head down.

Gives off vibes of uncomfortableness.

Once I was with a lot of people promoting an event and she happened to walk past. She immediately lowered her eyes in shame and walked passed us.

At the time I thought she was feeling guilt at her awful behaviour towards me in the past.

Girls? Guys?


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  • Do her ears fold back and does her tail drop too? 😂

    • Heyy lol I'm serious :P

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    • "Well awful" eh, Brit?

      Anyway, it's a pretty crappy thing she did, so yeah I would say she feels ashamed of it.

    • The thing is, that girl was a petty little weasel.

      I did consider that maybe she feels bad. But I noticed whenever she is with her friends, she is very normal. Has no problem eyeing me from a distance and laughing stuff like that.

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  • Why would she feel guilty?

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