Would you date a girl with an eating disorder?

I'm not all bones, I have decent amount of fat in my body. Im short and weigh 110 ibs and want to be 99.) I just have a problem with food. I can't.. I can't eat.

My question is would a guy be willing to date such a girl? Don't get me wrong she eats of course but very little, enough to survive. Also, would you be willing to include a role play about this in the bedroom. Like you tell me to go eat and if I dont, you spank me etc?

(yeah I know, shrinks, therapists, "go see them, seek professional help" and all that jazz. They are a bunch of fakes waiting for the session to be over and go home to shower in dollars. Please don't give the said advices and just answer my two questions).

  • Yes, date her. / Willing for the role play too.
  • Indifferent.
  • Yes, date her/ But no role play about that.
  • Never.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would not date a girl regardless of whether or not she has an eating disorder because I'm an aromantic asexual.


What Guys Said 2

  • Only a guy with a fucked up moral compass would fetishize someone's eating disorder. That's like saying you have dementia and want a guy to spank you if you can't remember something. But undermine and generalize therapists all you want as a bunch of 'fakes'. Smh, pathetic.

  • yikes, just, yikes


What Girls Said 1

  • As a person who suffered from an eating disorder and had to be hospitalized because of it, I can assure you that they're no laughing matter and if you have one instead if romanticizing it, get some fucking help. It makes me sick when people romanticize mental illness/eating disorders. Its not a joke, its not a fetish, its a matter of your health and well being. It is not 'tragically beautiful' to be wasting away to nothing, its horrible and sickening and everyone deserves help to not have to feel that way. You know what's not tragically beautiful, the fact that you're body starts to eat your internal organs when you starve/ purge everything you eat. I now have a serious heart condition because my body started to eat my heart because I wouldn't give it food or nutrients. You know what's also not beautiful? growing coarse fine hair all over your body, becoming so weak that you can't hardly stand, passing out because you dont feed your body, or the holes you get on your esophagus because the acid from your stomach when you purge burns holes in it. What's beautiful is loving your body and taking care of it.
    (eating disorder helpline in case this 'girl" decides she doesn't want to continue killing herself
    (844) 781-4955)

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