I felt like throwing up while kissing with my husband, do you think he is put off from me?

I was not feeling well; I had some cramps and felt like I was gonna be sick. But I still let my husband lead on, and whilst we started kissing I felt like I was gonna throw up so I pulled away. He is very understanding get reassuring me that it's fine and it's not in my hand for feeling sick. He says it's life and it happens and that I shouldn't worry about it. But I ended up going to bathroom and crying from anger for myself for spoiling that moment for both of us. Am I reacting too much?


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  • Dude... he's your HUSBAND.
    Part of being married is witnessing each other when you're not at your best.

    If you're embarrassed by something like this - being sick, something you have no control over - I'd question whether you are really ready to be married at all...

    • It'd true I understand, well we've been married for a month so I guess it will take a bit of time to get used to these things 😢

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  • you are overreacting... he gets it, dont worry about it.

  • You're overreacting a lot.

  • Dont cry no more
    just take his reassurance
    and if u still feel bad, put on a smile and cook something nice/ like a fancy meal, dress up and greet him lovingly when he gets back from work. That will make him happy

  • It's your husband!!! Girl, u married and ur prob the same age as me, and here I am, still single!!

    • I know hun but I got upset cos this never happened before and I felt bad for just stopping him 😢 I'm 21, Aww but you are still young I'm sure you will find the right guy very soon 🙊😙

    • Don't be!!! He probably understood 😀