Don't you think an adult person collecting Barbie dolls is pathetic?

I mean I saw on YouTube that grown women mostly and some grown men collecting Barbie dolls. I mean come on! Pathetic. Men? And the grown women, they HAD their childhood so they should give their dolls to charity to girls that don't have toys. They should be think about jobs, adult fun, marriages and having children. I have a friend that is 26 and she started collecting doll again. She hasn't dated in five years or four and she needs to go on a date and think about marriage instead of playing or collecting dolls.

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  • Their choice. Butt out!
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  • People can collect whatever they want. It is good for a rainy day too, whenever they desperately need to they can sell it if they choose to.


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  • i think if it makes them happy then there's no need to put them down for it.


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