If you could be very involved in some field or aspect of life, work in that area and enjoy it, love it outside of work, what would you choose?

I think I would choose music. I love it, there is nothing better. I might also choose flight or flight as a second area if possible.

But music I would love to learn how to read it. I play guitar and bass, but can't read notation. I also learned how to make an electric guitar a few years ago, and I am working on an electric bass right now... it's going to be candy apple red, with a natural peice of curly maple wood in the middle. The curly maple will be surrounded by the candy apple red, and separated with a white inlay. I also make my own guitar pickups, which capture the sound of the bike or other type of metal string through magnets, and create the small current that travels through to the amplifier.

Anyways that is what I would want. How about you?


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  • I'd stick with aviation. Flying is everything.

    • I would love to learn how to fly an airplane. Always been one of my biggest interests

    • You should definitely look into it. It's extremely pricey but worth it. But if you just want a private license to rent a plane and fly around on weekend and such. It's not that expensive.

    • Good idea, eabibhear the commercial license leads to more opportunity, at least in Canada, it lets you go on to night flying and instruction, which would be fun. I feel like if I go private I'll just be able to fly during certain hours, then what if I get stuck somewhere in another city and have to stay overnight. So if I do get the chance to fly, I will try for sure

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  • The entertainment industry somehow. Maybe work backstage.


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