If men didn't had beard and were baby smooth?

If nature didn't commit a mistake of making men hairy faced and bodied but instead made men with beautiful baby smooth skin on face and all over the body including groin?

Women <3 baby smooth men?


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  • Then we'd be used to them being that way? What if we were green and covered with scales?

    • I mean then you all would have found men way way more beautiful sexy and then women would have lot nore sexual feelings, isn't it?

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    • Yes. And manly scent.

    • That's called Body odour hahaha that's no scent.
      And you"like" beards and even hairiness on the chest abdomen and such stuff everywhere?

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  • Native Americans dont have facial hair.

    • Yeah they are lucky.
      That's why in general American women hate hairiness on men

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    • Native Americans dont grow facial hair? Not at all?

    • @Death_of_rats o

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  • And? What?

    you are the only type of person that came to the doctor who has been on the way home from school and she says it's so sad because you know what you're doing when you don't want to know what she wants and she doesn't like your mom or your face or what you say but then you just feel bad for her because she doesn't look like your dad or your face and when you say you don't care about it, you are not even funny at all.

    • Hahaha wth what's wrong?
      What the hell have you written?

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    • You don't have to get your naked photos on your phone or your computer and your stuff from the internet to the store you want it to be with your messages but it's still a bad idea to try to sleep on your phone or something else but it doesn't work with it anyway.

    • Ya ya well ya yeah ok so

  • Fucking hell, just how many more fucking OP's are there here ranting on about their fucking hairy ass fucking bodies.
    For fucks sake grow up, get real and fucking live with it.
    Remember there are those a fucking sight worse off than you'll ever be, and you don't fucking hear/see them ranting on or complaining.

    • Fucking hell what's wrong why the fuck are you being so rude.

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    • smh... Goodbye.

    • Fucking hell
      Take care

  • Facial hair is sexy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck don't even


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  • I shave so I have baby smooth skin. I like it better that way.

    • Dude I meant if men had naturally baby smooth skin because no matter how much you shave you do get bit stubbly between shaving stages

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