Shit I need some opinions?

So my ex just informed me she has plans this weekend with her father to hike a nearby mountain.. well its fucked cuz i have plans to hike the same trail with my new girl and think this cause well massive fucking issues! an tips on how to avoid this problem? lol


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  • 1. Stop talking to your ex so if you happen to run into her it's an actual coincidence and doesn't seem like stalking or trying to flaunt a new relationship
    2. Go somewhere else which then looks like you need to hide the new girlfriend which is a bit of a dick move
    3. Man up and say hi if you see her as you walk past, it's a mountain not an elevator

    • haha ok you dont seem to grasp just how crazy this woman is.. ill tell you she still somehow sneaks into my apartment and washes my clothes while im at work.. and physically attacked the last girl she saw me with.. and as for stop talking to her? i wish that an option lol

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    • huh again the police here in this country laugh about it more then anything else.. Soo iv tried to ignore her and the situation and just move on

    • Good luck with that

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  • go to a different mountain DUH!

    • haha i didn't pick the mountain and the only other one is well not an option at this point either lol