How can I get over being shy?

I'm definitely shy. So shy that I basically never talk.

I've recently read that shyness is selfishness and the way to get over it is to take an interest in other people's lives.

I'm also not shy all the time because I'm a psycho at times as well.


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  • No shyness is not selfishness, its the debilitating fear you have talking to a stranger. It's just you thinking you are not good enough to be liked by other people or that if they get to know you.. will discover what a complete freak you are... it's all a lie, we are all fucked up and you are no different. That's how you get over it.

    • How do you know I'm not more fucked up than everyone else?

      I have issues so deep that even psychiatrists have refused to work with me.

    • I've seen sick fucks that live full lives.

    • I'm pretty sick. I used to be. I think I'm healthy now.

  • Many many sites on that. Check out "girlschase" dot com