Does the class of her opponent put somewhat of a dampener on what would otherwise be a great win for women when Hillary Clinton wins presidency?

It still is a great win for women and history will be made all be it long over due in my opinion.

However let's face it, Trump isn't an experienced campaigner when it comes to politics and over the course of his campaign, has at times been his own worst enemy.
A lot of people who otherwise may have voted republican won't vote for him because they feel personally insulted let alone outrageous policies like "build a wall and make Mexico pay for it".

The results may have been different in another world if the republicans had someone else with less of a sordid past and more realistic policies representing them.

So does the Hillary Clinton win "by default" put a dampener on it for women?
Or is it still just as sweet regardless of the class of her opponent?

  • Puts a dampener
  • Still just as sweet
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  • It is getting very tight - It is not a done deal - The odds have just dropped from 5/1 on to 15/8 on Clinton winning.

    • Yeah. The bigger states are yet to be counted. So far it's going pretty much as expected and Trump is winning the rural states.
      But Clinton is predicted to win the urban states and they have more electoral votes

    • I am not so sure - I am getting a "Brexit" feeling

    • Yeah I'm getting nervous now

  • Trump is winning and has been winning the whole time just so you know. Right now he is a head by 34.

    • It did just jump up but I think it's more because a few states just got counted for Trump. A lot of the big states for Hillary still need to be counted and I'm guessing that will happen.
      It's panning out as urban vs rural at the moment.
      But the big ones are yet to come.

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