What do girls look for in guys?

do they go for looks, personality, dick sizes, what is i mean what is it.. girls like me mostly cuz my personality i treat em right


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  • someone they trust
    looks nice
    he can understand what she wants
    share the bad things he do as he share the good things
    lat her feel free to share everything no matter what


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  • I highly recommend not trying to meet any form of standard issue.

    The answer itself is not "concrete" in any sense of the word; while general notions such like physical attractiveness, social standing and power, personality and compatibility etc. exist really you're facing implicit elements such as population, a silent ranking system, your reputation and elements that are completely beyond your control such as just their inherent personal opinion of you which is liable to change all the time.

    It is such an unstable monopolistic game that playing it only leads to failure.


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