What would this girl's reaction be if she found out what I did?

There is a girl I work who I secretly like. She has like a go fund me page set up for her schooling because she doesn't have a lot of money. I secretly donated $100 to her. If she found out would she think it's creppy that I snoop around her business? Or Would she appreciate it.
I'm going to keep this a secret.
I honestly did not do this because I want something in return. I did it because I want to help her.

  • She would think it's weird and creppy that you look up her information.
  • She would really appreciate that.
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  • she would appreciate it but when she learns it she wouldn't show that


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  • You are walking on thin ice with this one. Depending on how you found out about her gfm. She would appreciate it, but she might be a little distrustful of your motivation since you don't know her.

    • I do know her.

    • I just looked up her name and found it.

    • A girl that you secretly like that you had to search the internet using her name... you might "know" her, but you don't know her that well.

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